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Review: Nursing Cover

5441a4a97c1c288ade89e2b91cea0370d26d53cb I was sent this beautiful nursing cover to review. As a mother who breastfed I can tell you this would have been amazing to have when I was nursing. Aside from having a super cute pattern and being stylish, the functionality of this product is awesome. The creators of this nursing cover was spot on!



I Love that there is built in “boning around the neckline so that its hands free viewing of your baby. The Fabric is soft and wide so you can have your privacy while nursing. My Favorite feature of this cover is the adjustable neck strap with D ring. this way you can make sure that it fits perfectly every time. The neck strap is wide so its not digging into your neck. It also comes with its own storage pouch so that you can throw it in your purse and take it with you anywhere you go.

The Cover sells for $14.99 on amazon and would make an amazing gift for the expecting mother that you may know.

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UntitledGood customer service and affordable products mean a bunch to me and I recently found a company that has both of those qualities and I wanted to share.

I stumbbled across as an advertisement on my facebook page and decided to try it out. I placed an order for the following:


Stylish Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve Printed Dress For Women $8.99

I am totally in love with dress except I had to hem it myself about 5 inches. It was SUPER long, however I was perfectly okay with that since I only paid $8.99 for the dress, and the colors are beautiful. While I was at Panara I had a random lady come up and tell me how beautiful my dress looked and she said that she hoped I got lots of compliments on it. She made my day and this dress has quickly become one of my favorites. I am in love with it. I got an XL and it fits true to size, I could have got away with a large.


Ethnic Sleeveless Round Neck Printed Dress For Women $8.80

So first I will say that I had no intentions of wearing this as a dress when I ordered it, I’m just to curvy for that, however I did want to wear it with a pair of jeans. This “dress” fits more like a shirt, I got an XL and it is tight on my boobs however as I lose weight it will fit better. The dress itself is beautiful and I love it! I cant wait to grow into it better as I believe this will be a staple of my regular line up next summer!


Sexy Solid Color High-Waisted Fringe Design Plus Size Bikini Set For Women $6.49

Woooah what? $6.49 for the top AND the bottoms of a swimsuit? It must be a urban legend. Cant be real can it? Oooh it is! And the swim suit is amazing. The bottoms are not as long as I would have liked, there is more skin showing than the picture above but I purchased an XL and the top and the bottoms fit great. I really love this swim suit. The quality is great and the price is perfect.


Stylish Women’s Scoop Neck Batwing Sleeve Printed Loose-Fitting Chiffon Blouse $7.78

And last but not least my new favorite shirt! For $7.78 I feel like I practically stole this shirt! it doesnt fit me off the shoulder like this, however that may be because it is a one size fits all, but the quality and the colors are right on. I love the bright prettyness of this shirt (yes prettyness is Now a thing) and I love how it looks with jeans. This shirt has totally rocked my world.

I’m in love… go check out SammyDress 


Review: Upcycle Your Wardrobe: 21 Sewing Projects for Unique, New Fashions


  • Hardcover: 64 pages
  • Publisher: Schiffer Publishing; 1 edition (July 28, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0764348493
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764348495
  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 8.1 inches

Schiffer publishing did it again they sent me ANOTHER FANTASTIC BOOK!  This one focuses on up cycling your old wardrobe into 21 fashionable projects!

New to sewing? No problem! Pages 56-62 is full of the materials you will need, the ABC’s of sewing and patterns to help you get started!

This book seriously opened my eyes to some new fantastic ideas! I can not wait till we finish moving so I can bust out my sewing machine and up-cycle my old tee shirts and jeans! So
81viAg0NxqLmany possibilities!

I love the projects have easy to follow step by step instructions and photos of the article of clothing before and after.

This is sure to inspire you and get your inner designer diva riled up! This book is going to be released July 28th but you can pre order it now here for $16.60… in the meantime start digging through you closet!

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Dream Essentials Contoured Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask

159_3I was sent this ultra light weight breathable sleep mask through Tomoson to review.

Some features of the mask are:

  • Very light and breathable, hardly noticeable for falling asleep comfortably
  • Flexible and robust, take it anywhere easily!
  • Little pressure to the eyes

This slim-line and stylish eye mask called the Sweet Dreams is a contoured shape sleep mask that offers full comfort and excellent light blocking without any pressure to the eyes. You will hardly notice this sleep mask on your face while falling asleep.

The Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is very flexible and robust, it will conveniently fold up into a complimentary drawstring carry pouch and can be tossed into the bottom of a beach bag, purse, or briefcase for easy storage and will not lose its shape. Great value for its small price.

Included with each Eye Mask is a pair of soft foam ear plugs, molded with state-of-the art, super low-pressure foam, and a neat little Carry Pouch to keep your eye mask clean – both come free when you order this product.

I personally Love this mast for when I have migraines. It does a wonderful job at blacking everything out without adding to much pressure around my head with the strap. I Love that it comes in  a little bag to keep in safe and clean and I always know where to find it when my head is throbbing.
You can find it here where it sells for $9.95

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Stark Reflective Vest Review

91XOta2VwhL._SL1500_ I was sent the Stark Reflective Vest to review through Tomoson. You can find this item here on Amazon where is sells for $19.99

The vest comes in several sizes:

  • S/M/L: – Waist Band: 63 – 100cm (25 – 39 inch) Shoulder Straps: 38 – 58cm (15 – 23 inch) waist to shoulder
  • L/XL: – Waist Band: 86 – 136cm (34 – 52 inch) Shoulder Straps: 62 – 100cm (24 -39 inch) waist to shoulder

This is a unisex vest that is meant to keep you safe in any condition!  The reflective color of the best makes it so you can be seen from a greater distance when you are out walking, running or riding your biking in the fog or rain and you will be able to be seen from every angle. This vest is adjustable it can be wore snug or loose and you will still be able to move. This means you can wear it over your thickest of coats or lightest of tanks!  Easy to put on, bright (like super fing bright) and light weight so you can go on your jog as normal without becoming roadkill!

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Secret Body Pouch Review

efcd4775e8c164bb9560fc4f61c9122d75505933I was sent the Valhalla undercover body pouch to review through Tomoson to review. This is a cross body wallet that is designed to keep your valuables hidden and safe. Its super comfortable and will fit anyone as it has all expanding elastic straps. It has been designed to be worn close to the skin and has a moisture wicking backside. It has duel inner pockets to guarantee secrecy. The straps are thick elastic cotton straps that are soft and will not dig into your skin. Perfect for holding passport, boarding pass and any credit cards, etc that you may have on your that you want to keep close and not have to deal with carrying a purse in the open and screaming that you are a tourist!


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Black Skull Cap Beanie Review + Giveaway

wpid-b612-2015-02-07-10-41-55.jpgI was sent this super cute Black Skull Cap Beanie to do a review on. You can find it here on Amazon. It costs $13.95. Its a fun, cute and even sexy way to deal with this harsh winter Or as the amazon description states: “Our Beanies are made for people who like to push their fun to the limit, look death in the face and come back grinning” I was wondering why I was suddenly feeling reckless and like I needed to go speeding down the highway or something insane 


Its a unisex hat I’m beyond disappointed that it didn’t come with the man in the hat… that scruffy delicious beanie wearing dude… yum.. Anywho.. I dig it. I like it. Its warm and well made and the description also claims, “It’ll kick the first snowflake’s ass so hard that the rest will be too scared to even land.”  Essentially its like wearing Chuck Norris on your head.giveaway-banner

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Review: Five Finger Tees

imageI have had the pleasure of working with Five Finger Tees again. I’m only-thing-we-have-to-fear-4always so excited to get that package in the mail because I know that it is going to have something that is awesome, funny an have amazing quality behind it!

Because so many people have been posting stupid spider shit to my Facebook page (Yeah I hate spiders) I thought that it would only be appropriate if I got a shirt that shows my love (Absolute fear) for them.

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Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves Review

wpid-20150111_004528.jpgI was sent a pair of Stark Safe cut resistant gloves through Tomoson to review.

So the very nature of being a Heather is to be clumsy and no memory… and if you are a friend of a Heather you know that is a 100% factual statement. So any product that is going to keep me from potentially cutting my hand up (or off) is a welcomed product in my home.

This pair of Cut resistant gloves sells on Amazon for  $11.99.

Now keep in mind keyword is resistant, not proof so you still have potential of chopping your hand in half 🙂

So wondering why you would need a pair of cut resistant gloves? If you would have asked me last weekend when I was peeling potatoes and peeled my knuckle along with the potato I would have screamed at you exactly why I needed these gloves.

That Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves are

  • 4 times stronger than leather
  • Lightweight and breathable as well as comfortable.
  • Food service safe has a antibacterial blend.

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Review & Giveaway: Online Store 24/7 Frenzy


37957I was given the fantastic opportunity to review the online clothing retailer 24/7 Frenzy. I was able to choose a product of my choice and review the quality of the item. Aside from the quality I also pay attention to customer service, the packaging in the way the item was shipped, as well as how close the item resembles what I see online. with that being said.. here we go…

So on the left you see a blond wearing a pretty Tan & Ivory Striped top. This is the item that I choose to have mailed to me to review. You find the top on the 24/7 Frenzy website Read the rest of this entry »