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Review: Biotin Bursts


What if I said having beautiful skin was as easy as taking a bite?  NeoCell Biotin Bursts have a high beauty nutrients in a soft gourmet chew. Each chew is low in sugar and calories.

So what is Biotin? Biotin is an important B vitamin that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails as well as energy support. This high potency formula supports the metabolism of proteins in the body creating a natural energy and luxurious hair, strong nails and beautiful skin.

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Review: Natural Sleeping Pills


Sleeper Z is a Natural sleep aid that is non addictive. SleeperZ is a over the counter sleep aid that is relief of the occasional sleeplessness. It will help you get a deep and full nights sleep without the worry of getting addicted and having to rely on them, unlike other sleeping pills.

You may be lacking a great nights sleep due to stress or anxiety or perhaps your work hours have changed messing up your sleep habits. SleepZ can help with that! Its not just for insomnia relief!

You will wake up feeling refreshed and energized, not feeling groggy and half drunk like other sleep aids. You will wake up ready to start your day!

Its a safe, high quality product that is made in the United States. Have peace of mind that this meets the FDA standards and made to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)








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Review: Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox

8bda5c08ffd3b19e16dfe1bd532991f223f49a54Product Description: All Justified Laboratories products are made in the U.S.A. under the highest quality laboratory conditions. We also follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and each supplement is precisely analyzed to guarantee the highest quality and purity. Our facilities uphold strict standards and are in compliance with all FDA rules and regulations. Our proprietary formula of Detox Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse is manufactured using all natural ingredients and makes you look and feel great! This product is a purifying cleanser that removes waste matter from the digestive tract. This waste can accumulate in the human body over a period of years. Our proprietary formula leaves you feeling healthy and fresh.In addition to Green Coffee Bean Extract, this product contains ingredients including Fennel Seed, Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthorne Root, Licorice Root, Rhubarb, Citrus Pectin, Acidophilus, Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Senna, Oat Bran, Prune Juice and Flax Seed Oil, ingredients that support effective cleansing and detoxification.



  • Fast acting
  • no cramps or gas
  • Priced at $14.99 (Buy Here)


  • This is essentially a laxative, says on the back not to use for more than 7 days straight however the front label makes it seem like it is a diet aid.

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So I have heard a TON of positive things about the It Works wrap and got the opportunity to try one out. If you are one of the few people on the earth who have not heard about the wrap let me give you a quick rundown. Its a non woven cloth infused with a botanical formula that refreshes and renews the skin and may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.  You can use the wrap on just about any part of your body, Neck, tummy, butt, arms , legs etc. Although they say only to use one wrap at a time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Kandoo Childrens Hand Soap

kandooLittle man and I were sent the Kandoo Wash your Hands Moisturizing hand soap to review.

We received the Funny Berry Scented soap.  It has a large hand pump to make it easy for the kiddos to pump it themselves, and comes in fun bright colors so that it makes hand washing more fun for your little one and lets you know that they are completely covered in soap to get the maximum amount of clean 🙂 It contains Natural moisturizers like Vitamin E and other fruit extracts to moisturize while cleaning. It is hypoallergenic and there are no parabens or SLS, its a mild formula and has been dermatologist tested.

I think this is a pretty fantastic product. Why?
1. Its bright colored container attracts my little guy to it and makes him want to wash his hands!
2. The big hand pump makes it so he can wash his hands all by himself.
3. It smells awesome. (yep this makes the top 3)
4. The fun colors make it so I know when he is all soaped up and all the soap is off.
5. It doesn’t bother my sons eczema.
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Review: Tom Box



Ladies ever wish Aunt Flo would just go to hell and stop visiting? Or that Tom would just drop dead? Or Just wish that the massacre at the Y didn’t suck so bad? Ummmm Yes! Yes! And Yes! The tombox is one of the most fantastical ideas that I have ever heard of! What is better than presents when you feel gross? Nothing.. the answer is nothing. Presents are the best.

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Review: SoapSox



I had the fantastic opportunity to work with SoapSox. SoapSox are super fun adorable washcloth stuffed animal hybrids.

When I first got a chance to check out the website I saw the video and was super excited to get our SoapSox in the mail. We received an adorable little dragon names Scorch.


So something you need to know about my home is bath time is pretty much the worst time of the day. I’m sure the neighbors think that we waterboard our child by the yelling and crying that goes on. Plus I’m pretty sure its a medical mystery on why one week a toddler will loves baths and the next a toddler will act like you just told them you are eating the family pet for dinner.

However when our SoapSox came in the mail… bath time was about to change in a way we didn’t expect.  About an hour after Scorch came in the mail it was time for bath time. It was great. Morgan HATES getting his hair washed… but silly scorch had to splash around in the water and then land on Morgans head and shake off (yep I totally used the soapsox to suck up water and soak my kiddo head, and Morgan wasn’t pissed at me.. but thought scorch was super silly.”  Then I said Scorch was really really hungry and that his favorite snack is shampoo… so Morgan loved pouring the shampoo into the dragons mouth. After squishing the soapsox a couple of times, a lather started to build… and then that silly little dragon started to dance scortch2.on my kiddos head… AKA totally washing his hair and there were no tears or screams!!!!  We were totally able to get through bath time, with a clean kiddo, and a washed hair without any tears… and it didn’t only work on that bath but has worked on every bath for the last month.

I know at first I was worried about him getting mildewy or stinky, but he has been doing great, we hang him up after each bath to dry and he is good as new.

This little guy sells here for $14.95. I believe this product is TOTALLY worth the price. It has made my life so much easier and less stressful at bath time. He is made of high quality polyester / sponger and is antimicrobial. He is safe for all ages,  and is much bigger than I expected! He is 9″ x 3″ and when you want to wash him he is machine washable and just tumble dry him on low!

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True Sol Organic Argan Oil Review


I was sent this 2oz bottle of Argan Oil through Tomoson to review. It sells here on Amazon for $18.95.

Here are the top ten uses I have found for using Argan Oil.

  1. Skin Moisturizer:  The Most common use for Argan Oil is as a skin moisturizer. It works wonderfully to hydrate and soften the skin. Its high in vitamin E.  It absorbs easily and is non greasy and non irritating. Makes it a awesome natural moisturizer for all skin types. Just a few drops on the skin using gentle rubbing motions use on your skin and face as you would any body or face lotion.
  2. Hair Conditioner: Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier and is the ideal hair conditioner. It can even help with split ends, and tame frizzy hair. There are several different ways to apply it as a conditioner the most easy way is by putting a few drops between the palms of your hands, then comb your hands and fingers through damp hair and make sure to massage into  your scalp and tips. This will encourage hair growth and help with those annoying split ends.
  3. Sleek and Shine Styling: Since it does work awesome to tame unruly hair and gives an awesome shine it works awesome to help style and make your hair manageable. Use after you go through your daily routine, again just use a few drops and run your fingers through your hair.
  4. Anti-Aging:  Using Argan Oil will give your skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Its restore elasticity to the skin and leaves your skin feeling softer and plumper. Massage a few drops into your face and neck before bed. It will help with the wrinkles and moisturize all in one!
  5. Dry Skin Conditions: Having eczema can leave your skin feeling raw, flaky and itchy and looks awful. Using Argan oil can help with this so much, and is painless since it is 100% natural and no added scents.  The vitamin E and fatty acids will help repair the damaged skin and provide the nutrients which will help prevent further dryness and irritation and encourage healing.
  6. Acne: If you have issues with Acne you already know that many moisturizers on the market can actually make your skin worse because of all the extra oils and fragrances in it. Since Argan oil is non greasy it helps balance the skin by providing a natural moisture.
  7. Protection and Healing: Have cracked, Irritated, Damaged or even burned skin? Argan oil has the properties to help speed up healing. Just put a few drops onto damaged skin to help speed up the healing process.
  8. Pregnancy: I cant even tell you how much I wish I knew about this miracle oil when I was pregnant. It gives protection against stretch marks, sagging, puckered skin after birth. Use a few drops on  your breasts, tummy, ass and thighs to help reduce those stretch marks and attempt to keep your pre baby body as much as you can.
  9. Foot, Hand and Nail Treatment: Dry hard cracked feet? Brittle nails? Peeling skin around the nails? massage a few drops into these trouble spots and it will help. Also massage into feet before bed and slip on some socks for a great foot treatment.
  10. Lip Moisturiser: If you get the pleasure of enjoying the cold dry harshness of winter you know all about sore, chapped, cracked dry lips and just how much it sucks. Argan Oil to the rescue. Dip a QTip into the bottle and spread onto your lips just as you would a lip balm and wipe off the excess!

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Vitamin C Face Serum for Face- Organic Video Review

  • 61zaCi5JsoL._SL1500_I was sent a 1oz bottle of Vitamin C to review. It sells on Amazon for $24.97. This serum is wonderful for helping revive your damaged skin.
  • 20% VITAMIN C CONCENTRATE; provides a strong dose of anti oxidants to prevent and repair UV skin damage caused by excess sun exposure.
  • NATURAL BLEND; organic ingredients, completely free from harsh chemicals. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to ensure aging skin receives a full spectrum of beneficial nutrients.
  • NON DRYING FORMULAR; does not contain parabens or sulfates, free from alcohol, won’t dry skin out. It quickly absorbs, plus, it is also light and can be used daily as part of a skincare routine for significant anti aging benefits.
  • STIMULATE COLLAGEN; naturally works to restore skins elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • FDA, GMP, MSDS, SGS APPROVED; manufactured under highly hygienic facility and conditions, ensuring safety for your skin. Click the Orange button to Order Now!
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Invivo Essential 4 Ounce Fractionated Coconut Oil Review.

be8e06b446d146ad34a79f40d51a3f9ba337c7db This is a  fantastic unscented base to work with your expensive organic essential oils to keep them from going rancid, help giving them a long shelf life. Blend with strong essentials like peppermint oil to prevent burns. Odorless, colorless, completely clear. Stays liquid at room temperatures, not just above 76 degrees like raw cold pressed oil. You can get creative and  make beauty products at home, like homemade hand cream, conditioner, soap, lotion, makeup, body butter bath salts.  Put into a diffuser, spray or roller bottles for aroma therapy. Soothing lotions absorb quickly and won’t clog pores or leave you feeling greasy. An excellent emollient, this light, thin oil can repair damaged skin and will leave you feeling beautiful. You’ll find a variety of uses for this miracle plant extract! It’s safe and gentle enough for your baby and the whole family – men women cats & dogs too! From sensual couples massages, to a sexual lubricant, even oil pulling. That’s right – clean teeth, fresh breath, the absolute healthiest mouth. 4oz or 16oz size. Buy this oil today and start really relaxing tomorrow. 4oz sells for $10.88 on Amazon.

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