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on July 30, 2015

UntitledGood customer service and affordable products mean a bunch to me and I recently found a company that has both of those qualities and I wanted to share.

I stumbbled across as an advertisement on my facebook page and decided to try it out. I placed an order for the following:


Stylish Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve Printed Dress For Women $8.99

I am totally in love with dress except I had to hem it myself about 5 inches. It was SUPER long, however I was perfectly okay with that since I only paid $8.99 for the dress, and the colors are beautiful. While I was at Panara I had a random lady come up and tell me how beautiful my dress looked and she said that she hoped I got lots of compliments on it. She made my day and this dress has quickly become one of my favorites. I am in love with it. I got an XL and it fits true to size, I could have got away with a large.


Ethnic Sleeveless Round Neck Printed Dress For Women $8.80

So first I will say that I had no intentions of wearing this as a dress when I ordered it, I’m just to curvy for that, however I did want to wear it with a pair of jeans. This “dress” fits more like a shirt, I got an XL and it is tight on my boobs however as I lose weight it will fit better. The dress itself is beautiful and I love it! I cant wait to grow into it better as I believe this will be a staple of my regular line up next summer!


Sexy Solid Color High-Waisted Fringe Design Plus Size Bikini Set For Women $6.49

Woooah what? $6.49 for the top AND the bottoms of a swimsuit? It must be a urban legend. Cant be real can it? Oooh it is! And the swim suit is amazing. The bottoms are not as long as I would have liked, there is more skin showing than the picture above but I purchased an XL and the top and the bottoms fit great. I really love this swim suit. The quality is great and the price is perfect.


Stylish Women’s Scoop Neck Batwing Sleeve Printed Loose-Fitting Chiffon Blouse $7.78

And last but not least my new favorite shirt! For $7.78 I feel like I practically stole this shirt! it doesnt fit me off the shoulder like this, however that may be because it is a one size fits all, but the quality and the colors are right on. I love the bright prettyness of this shirt (yes prettyness is Now a thing) and I love how it looks with jeans. This shirt has totally rocked my world.

I’m in love… go check out SammyDress 


2 responses to “review:

  1. Karen says:

    Company sucks! Can’t reach them by phone or email to return items. Clothes some to big and some to small.
    There is no customer service.


    • That totally sucks that you had problems with them, I have purchased from them three times now and just had my first problem. Product that I received was broken and then they actually sent me a purse twice. I love the product because it is cheap but I think that they totally have some kinks to workout, but again I guess its true when they say that you get what you pay for.


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