Sometimes I'm the one who needs a time out

Black Skull Cap Beanie Review + Giveaway

on February 7, 2015

wpid-b612-2015-02-07-10-41-55.jpgI was sent this super cute Black Skull Cap Beanie to do a review on. You can find it here on Amazon. It costs $13.95. Its a fun, cute and even sexy way to deal with this harsh winter Or as the amazon description states: “Our Beanies are made for people who like to push their fun to the limit, look death in the face and come back grinning” I was wondering why I was suddenly feeling reckless and like I needed to go speeding down the highway or something insane 


Its a unisex hat I’m beyond disappointed that it didn’t come with the man in the hat… that scruffy delicious beanie wearing dude… yum.. Anywho.. I dig it. I like it. Its warm and well made and the description also claims, “It’ll kick the first snowflake’s ass so hard that the rest will be too scared to even land.”  Essentially its like wearing Chuck Norris on your head.giveaway-banner


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