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The Amazon Description:

  • LOSE WEIGHT FAST FOR WOMEN – This clinically researched one of a kind blend will help you lose weight and feel great. Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Forskolin and Green Coffee Bean have all been proven to burn fat, suppress your appetite and block carbs. Lose that excess fat and keep it off for good.
  • IMPROVE YOUR MOOD AND ENERGY LEVELS – The added Rhodiola Rosea is nature’s most powerful and trusted energy booster and stress reliever. Feel great while you lose weight by improving your body’s response to stress, increase the support to your nervous system and boost your physical endurance to push you through those hard days.
  • 100% SAFE – 100% ALL NATURAL WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS – Our perfectly blended formula has been scientifically tested to produce safe and effective results with no side effects. No Jitters, no Nausea or Headaches. The Reality is that you should see an increase in energy throughout the day as well as an improvement in your mood.
  • FREE WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE WITH EVERY ORDER – We have provided you with a free weight loss brochure that provides a 4 step in depth plan to help you lose weight. This includes information on the types of food to avoid, foods that are nutrient rich and healthy as well as a common sense approach to weight loss that will guarantee results. Packed with tons of valuable information, we are giving it away with every order for FREE. Act now and start burning off the fat for good.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE SO BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE – By using PetitePlus Super Weight Loss Supplement along with the tips included in our free guide will guarantee you the results you want. WHY? Because we stand behind our product 100% therefore we are willing to offer this phenomenal guarantee. When you receive your bottle of our Super Weight Loss Supplement AND Free Fat Loss Guide, if you are not satisfied for any reason we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
My thoughts:
  • small easy to swallow.
  • As with any supplement you have to workout, and watch what you eat, there is no magic pill that is going to make you lose weight.
  • I love that they are all natural so I’m not putting weird crap in my body.

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Review: Gummy Bear Candy Mold


I was sent a Gummy Bear Candy Mold through Tomoson to review. It makes 50 Gummy bears and comes with a liquid dropper in case you are wanting to make little bear jello shots. Made of FDA approved high grade Silicone they are easy to clean and easily releases your little bears. The mold creates the “normal” size gummy bears that would buy at the store. You can purchase it on amazon for $10.99

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Review: Keychain


This super cute keychain is Priced at $9.99 on Amazon. Its made of high quality thick polyester and is double sided so that you can see the words no matter what direction its laying. Would make an excellent gift.

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Review: Kitchen Cookery’s Salt and Pepper Grinder


  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL AND GLASS GRINDER SET WITH MODERN DESIGN This salt and pepper grinder set features a top of the line non-corrosive hardened ceramic rotor core that won’t corrode or absorb flavors. It also includes stainless steel pillar, spring, screw, and cap not plastic like other ones.
  • MODERN AND ELEGANT DESIGN We made our design with you in mind. Every salt and pepper grinder is free of bulky logos and branding. The sleek design allows for kitchen-to-table use. The grinder is on top for convenience and function with a few effortless twists.
  • MAINTAINS FRESHNESS OF YOUR FAVORITE SPICES Your spices stay firmly closed with the stainless steel sealing lids that keep your spices from moisture and dust. The placement of the grinder on the top leaves your table or counter free of undesirable residue. Created for a variety of spices including all types of salts and peppercorns. Providing you with fresh spices for all of you meals.
  • EASY TO ADJUST, CLEAN, AND REFILL Very easily adjusts from fine to coarse with just a twist of the nob. It has a wide mouth and large body so it is easy to clean and refill!


I personally love them. I think they look great, super easy to use and a fantastic larger size, so no need to constantly refill them. they sell on Amazon for $17.95.


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Review: Nursing Cover

5441a4a97c1c288ade89e2b91cea0370d26d53cb I was sent this beautiful nursing cover to review. As a mother who breastfed I can tell you this would have been amazing to have when I was nursing. Aside from having a super cute pattern and being stylish, the functionality of this product is awesome. The creators of this nursing cover was spot on!



I Love that there is built in “boning around the neckline so that its hands free viewing of your baby. The Fabric is soft and wide so you can have your privacy while nursing. My Favorite feature of this cover is the adjustable neck strap with D ring. this way you can make sure that it fits perfectly every time. The neck strap is wide so its not digging into your neck. It also comes with its own storage pouch so that you can throw it in your purse and take it with you anywhere you go.

The Cover sells for $14.99 on amazon and would make an amazing gift for the expecting mother that you may know.

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Review: Natural Sports Odor Eliminator

SportsWebsiteFrontI was sent a bottle of Natural Sports Odor Elimnator to review and as soon as it was arrived I was pretty excited.

I don’t know what my 3 year old does but this kid has the worst smelling shoes. Think someplace between a dead mouse and a hoarder house… its awful. Anywho as soon as this came I laid out his cute little stinky shoes and attacked them with this spray… and…


his little shoes no longer smelled like death but much more tolerable with a nice fresh lemony scent. So aside from it actually working why do I love this product. well.. its affordable. It sells for $6.95. Its also 100% natural, so its safe no need to worry about what chemicals I’m soaking his stink bombs in. Also Every product you purchase from Amare Terra provides one month of clean water for someone in need, how amazing is that?!  Got stinky toddler feet? Or stinky anything for that matter? Check this product out it rocks!

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Review: Super Pack of Marbles

    • 51jXMssYt0L25 Marbles with 1 Shooter Marbles
    • Perfect For Marbles Games
    • Replacement Marbles for Marble Run Games – A perfect fit
    • These marbles are perfect for marble mazes
    • Comes in a velour flocked bag with double cord drawstring

I honestly haven’t played marbles in years and don’t know if I know how to even play still, however I do remember how disappointed I would be when I got a cracked marble in my bag of marbles. Luckily all these marbles came in one piece no chips, no cracks and even came with a shooter marble!

If you are looking to pry your kiddo away from the tablet and show them how we gamed old school style this would be the way to go at $8.95 its affordable and totally a great way to make memories with your children. You can purchase them here on amazon.

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Review: Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar


I was sent the Pet Resolve dog training collar to review. As many of you may have read we recently got a new dog Barnaby. We believe that he is part pit bull, Australian Shepard, or as I like to refer to11050247_10153322381247270_5272744440518526643_n him, a goofball. We adopted him from the local humane society and he is an amazing smart dog. Has only had one accident in the house however he still has lots of pup in him and will not come to his name outside. Every little scent has him running away from me and leads to me running after him like a lunatic yelling for him.

When I was asked to review the pet resolve dog training collar I jumped at the opportunity. Granted the idea of putting any animal in any pain is NOT okay with me. So I have always been skittish at the idea of using a “shock collar” because they do sound painful. However after some experimenting, this collar is not painful, its more annoying and startling. We have started to use this collar and so far we are slowly but surely seeing some results. It has been best used at the dog park where there are some distractions. I will let you know after longer use on how Mr.Barnaby is progressing.

So some of the cool features of the Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar are:

  •  Train up to 3 dogs with a range of convenient behaviors!
  •  The Dog Training Collar with Remote has a super long 1200 meter range for easy outdoor training in the widest areas! Perfect alternative to the GPS dog training collar.
  •  Variable shock levels; train up to 3 dogs at once, with up to 10 levels of continuous or single shocks, for safe, efficient training, allowing you to teach your dog a range of commands!
  •  Water Resistant construction. Wont harm the collar or the dog if they go swimming! 
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for long lasting training without having to constantly change batteries! 

You can find out more at the Pet Resolve website or purchase it here on Amazon for $89.00

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Review: Ice Ball Maker Mold by BAR-KRAFT®



So since having my son I can say that worried about having a diluted whiskey is not at the top of my things to worry about.

But I did figure out a pretty fun cool thing to do with these awesome ice ball makers.

So think of it as a fun pretty way to infuse your water. You could put lime and mint in them, orange slices, Kiwi etc. OR.. think about this…. 3ef9b751d0100f31f48a0988c65bda10

You could make little smoothie balls with them. We have been making LOTS Of soothies at our house and this is a great way to make them and store them, just pop a few out and stick in your cup, maybe add some water and slush it around and BAM quick smoothie! I’m a pretty big fan of these.

You can purchase this ice sphere maker here on Amazon for $9.50.

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Review: Paw Choice foaming mousse dog Shampoo


You are a pretty lucky person if your dog enjoys baths. Barnaby acts like I’m a terrorist water boarding him and I usually end up more wet than the dog does.

I jumped on the opportunity to try out Paw Choice foaming mousse dog Shampoo that is scented like Mango & pomegranate.

Paw Choice makes their product in the United States out of premium natural ingredients and they are 100% committed to the safety of our pets and its veterinarian formulated to clean the skin and coat and remove any odor. It requires no water or rinsing and it is scented  like Fresh mango and pomegranate (yum!). Its an all natural coconut derived formula meant for all fur types and works great on sensitive skin.

I love that it is water-less and that I don’t have to worry about getting more of a bath than my dog when I use it. I also love that it is a pump rather than a spray so it doesn’t scare my pup. Also since I don’t need water I can use it anywhere anytime!

You can purchase the Paw Choice Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo on Amazon for $15.97

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