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Review: Tom Box



Ladies ever wish Aunt Flo would just go to hell and stop visiting? Or that Tom would just drop dead? Or Just wish that the massacre at the Y didn’t suck so bad? Ummmm Yes! Yes! And Yes! The tombox is one of the most fantastical ideas that I have ever heard of! What is better than presents when you feel gross? Nothing.. the answer is nothing. Presents are the best.

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Review: RubberClub.Com


I got the fantastic opportunity to work with RubberClub.Com! RubberClub.Com is a monthly Subscription service that provides you with condoms being delivered discreetly to your door. No more awkward standing in line at the store wondering what works best, what your partner would like, or what size will work best for you!

RubberClub.Com makes it fast and efficient (don’t use them that way though Gent’s)

So Curious How it works?

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Review: Surprise Ride


Morgan and I received a super fun and awesome monthly subscription box in the mail from Surprise Ride to review. What exactly is Surprise Ride you ask? Surprise Ride is a monthly adventure in a box. It is for kiddos from age 6 to 11 and is packed full of facts, fun, and creativity… so whats was in my box?

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Handmade Beauty Box Review

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I just got done reviewing my favorite product yet! Let me show you the Handmade Beauty box. Each month delivered to your door is everything you need to create beauty items from scratch in your own home.

You can sign up for a monthly, 3 month or a 12 month plan as low as $28.79 a month. (For more pricing information click here) 

Each month the box with be packed full of everything you need to create something awesome. Some examples on what goodies DIY beauty Crafts that may be included in your box are:

  • unnamed (3)Lotions
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Lipstick
  • Foot Scrubs
  • Soaps
  • Bath fizzles
  • Nail Polish
  • Candles

unnamed (2)My box was full of everything that I needed to not only make loofa soap, but to package it, label it and give it as a gift if I wanted to.  A simple written review was not going to give it justice for how freaking awesome this box is. Soo… I made a  youtube video of the DIY Beauty Box soap making process.

The Crafty Mommy Blogs Thoughts? 


So  I’m giving this 5 out of 5 stars. Because its awesome! I love that you don’t have to wander all over hell in back in the local craft stores to pick up everything you need to make the items. The price is right on what with what you would end up paying and without having to wait or do the shopping yourself. There is no need to research and see what you need. They have it all together in 1 box with all the instructions you need to complete it. It’s so nice to have everything together from beginning to end  and know that you are going to end up with a beautiful project in the end that you can say that you made all my yourself!

Please show this company some social media love, share with your friend and family and totally check out their website. This is something I would recommend to anyone who is crafty, wants to be craft and just doesn’t have the time.

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