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Review: Gadget Grab

k2-_2498d60e-03b9-47bb-b83a-4f3cce02fb13.v1.jpg-41dbadfc06dc3fe691d482d3f75111d6513d04fe-optim-450x450I was sent the gadget grab to test out and was pretty happy and surprised with the results.  Its so hard to find a stand that not only works great for my iPad but that I can trust to keep it up and not drop it. I received two different sizes, small and large. They are both the same concept, circular black cases that open up to revile green sticky pads insidek2-_3cc251d3-c768-404a-8783-239f78e9e838.v1.

So the small one works great for my cell phone. I had it stuck to my car dash and my phone on it using it for GPS and it held up well to the bumps of the road and didn’t drop my phone at all.  The one that I was most curious about though is the largek2-_e676564f-e1c4-437e-8048-c56d26c120be.v1 one and to see how it would hold up with my Ipad.

I use my ipad for everything from watching movies to using it as a cookbook in my kitchen. I almost always have my ipad on me.

First test was for the kitchen. It stuck wonderfully to the kitchen counter and didn’t leave any residue however in order to get it to stick well to my ipad I did have to remove the case and that made me a little nervous. Once I removed the case from the ipad is stuck like a champ. I was able to swipe my ipad and use it while it was on the stand without the Gadget grab loosing its grip. Once I was done using it I was able to remove it from both the counter and my ipad without damaging or leaving any goo behind.

The Gadget Grab sells for $10.00 plus shipping and handling here. I think for $10.00 they are definitely a deal. You get two for the price of one and for being such a simple concept they work fantastically. They are small so you can toss them in your purse, glovebox or even in the kitchen drawer so its always ready when you need it.

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Review: LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit

unnamed (1)


I would like to introduce you to my new soulmate the Epson LabelWorks. This beautiful little label maker does the unexpected and prints on ribbon!!

unnamed (2)

Not even going to lie as soon as this came in the mail I had to really get myself under control because my mind would not stop thinking of all the amazing things that I was going to be able to do with this new crafting tool… but before I start spewing my craftiness I better give you some stats about this little buddy.


Display: LCD, 16 Char. x 1 line

Maximum Tape Width: ~1/2″ (12 mm)

Built-in Memory: Yes, up to 30 labelskt_c51cb69130-15_396x264

Keyboard: QWERTY

Tape Cutter: Built-in, Manual

Maximum Resolution: 180 dpi

Maximum Print Width: ~3/8″ (9.0 mm)

Maximum Number of Printed Lines: 2

Batteries: 6 AAA (not included)

Open Cover Detection: Yes

Battery Level Indicator: Yes

PC & Mac Connectivity: No

Tape Compatibility: LC

Tape Width: ~¼” (6 mm), ~3/8″ (9 mm), ~½” (12 mm)

Tape Length: ~30 ft (9 m)

Tape Varieties: Standard, Iron-on, Metallic, Reflective, Strong Adhesive, Glow-in-the-Dark, Pearlized and Clear

Number of Fonts: 14

Types of Fonts: Sans Serif, Sans Serif HG, Sans Serif ST, Gothic, Bold Gothic, Roman, US Roman, CL Roman, Mincho, Gyosho, Reisho, BR, CB, Script PL

Number of Font Styles: 10

Number of Font Sizes: 5

Number of Font Widths: 2kt_c51cb69140-4_690x460

Built-in Symbols: 300+

Built-in Frames: 75+

Maximum Characters Per Label: 80

Auto Numbering: Yes

Multiple Print Option: Yes

Vertical Printing: Yes

Mirror Printing: Yes

Number of Languages: 7 (English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German)

kt_c51cb69140-7_396x264 kt_c51cb69140-10_396x264


Alright… so now that I got the technical mumbo jumbo out of the way… is your mind blown? I love that it also prints on normal labels so I don’t have to have multiple label makers laying around my house. So aside from printing on ribbon it can also do Iron on labels, glow in the dark labels etc, you just want to make sure that whatever labels / ribbon your purchase is compatible with the Epson Labelworks.

I think this is going to be amazing for my sisters baby shower that I will be hosting in December. I can see myself using it now teamed up with my Cricket for the invitations, Doing custom bookmarks as invitations, cute ribbons off the top that say, “Baby Minor” and  “Save the date”


for my sons Halloween treats for daycare “Trick or Treat” ribbons with cute little ghost on them tieing off the goodies bags!


dont forget all the “Made with love” tags that I can now add to my quilts…

::SIGH:: so much crafting to do so little time. This nifty Labelworks printable ribbon kit sells for $69.99 here. Comes with:

  • LW-300 Label Printer
  • Two (2) ~½” wide printable ribbon cartridges
  • Application User’s Guide
  • Carrying Case

Now quick go make the ordinary extraordinary!

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Review: Ecobee Smart Si smart thermostat


Once In a while I like to bring attention to products that we have paid for and that we use on a daily basis and have quickly fell in love with. The Ecobee thermostat has quickly become a member of our family.

we discovered this nifty little product when my husband was being a heat nazi and was getting sick of me jacking the heat up. Well he showed me and went out one day and purchased the Ecobee.

Matt was able to program it so we knew when we were home and would have the house nice and cozy for us, or have it saving money by not overheating the house when we were at work. Matt was also able to make it so that I couldn’t crank the heat to far up AKA to where he felt like I was being crazy. He also has control of it from work, and while we are on the road. It hooks up to both android and apple devices.

It also tells us when the furnace filter needs changed Some other amazing features including

  • Full Color NON-Touch Screen
  • 365 Day Scheduling
  • 7 Day Programmable
  • Link up to 10 thermostats to one user account
  • 2H/2C Conventional Heating & Cooling
  • 3H/2C Heat Pump Heating & Cooling
  • Wires – Min. 3 (Heat), Min. 4 (Cool), Min. 5 (Heat & Cool)
  • Set Temperature Range = 45-92 Degrees F
  • Auto-Changeover
  • Intelligent Setback Recovery
  • On-Screen Contractor Information
  • Encryption for Wi-Fi and Internet Communication
  • Compatible with Gas, Oil, Electric, Boiler, and Heat Pump, Geothermal

Also you are able to personalize it :

  • Live Weather Forecast function plans ahead for opportunities to save on energy
  • System Performance Reports
  • Program your Thermostat
  • Change User Profile and Preferences starry-night
  • Set Up Alerts and Service Reminders
  • Set Vacation and Travel Schedules

Plus you can also purchase skins for your ecobee to help personalize it further here. I mine has a starry night skin.

It was easy enough to install as my husband did it himself and it perfectly affordable as it sells for around $179.00

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Review: Spiralizer with a Twist











Spiralizing veggies is a pretty big deal right now. You can look it up on pintrest and see thousands of different recipes however if you don’t have a spiralizer it can make these recipes pretty tricky and knowing where to start can be super intimidating. So What is the spiralizer? Its a handy dandy took in the kitchen that you can feed in fruits and veggies and have great strands, noodles and curly q’s come out.  You can use the Spiralizer on:

  • Zucchini
  • Butternut Squash
  • Sweet Potato Squash
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Potatoes
  • beets
  • rutabaga
  • kohlrabi
  • parsnips
  • Jamaica
  • egg plant
  • apples
  • pears
  • onions
  • And  LOTS More…

really the possibilities are endless. I look forward to making Onion tangles like you get at restaurants but a healthier baked version, or a spaghetti using squash noodles!

  • Spiralizer with a Twist is the Perfect Kitchen Gadget for you!• Turn Firm Veggies into “Pasta” Dishes
    • Perfect for preparing Low carb, Vegan, Raw and Gluten-free diets
    • Make Meals Fun and Irresistible for Kids and Guests with wholesome Vegetables
    Features & Benefits

    • Create Strands of Vegetable Noodles or Floras
    • Ready to use Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Blade and High Grade Food-Safe ABS plastic
    • 1 Julienne size of 3.5x5mm Noodles and 1 Floral Spiral
    • Easy to clean, using the FREE Cleaning Brush provided- Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
    • Includes a FREE e-Book (Electronic Book) with Spiralizer Information and Recipes


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Review: Ice Ball Maker Mold by BAR-KRAFT®



So since having my son I can say that worried about having a diluted whiskey is not at the top of my things to worry about.

But I did figure out a pretty fun cool thing to do with these awesome ice ball makers.

So think of it as a fun pretty way to infuse your water. You could put lime and mint in them, orange slices, Kiwi etc. OR.. think about this…. 3ef9b751d0100f31f48a0988c65bda10

You could make little smoothie balls with them. We have been making LOTS Of soothies at our house and this is a great way to make them and store them, just pop a few out and stick in your cup, maybe add some water and slush it around and BAM quick smoothie! I’m a pretty big fan of these.

You can purchase this ice sphere maker here on Amazon for $9.50.

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Review: Etekcity RoverBeats


I was RoverBeats by Etekcity to review. These sleep bluetooth heaphones are pretty awesome! So before you stop reading because you think something this awesome must be super expensive you are wrong. These are affordably priced at  $37.99 and you can purchase them on Amazon.

So what makes these so amazing? Well for starters how easy they are to use! Aside from listening to your favorite music and movies you can also take calls and even reject them if you please 🙂


the controls located on the headset. The controls are

  • Volume down / Mute call
  • Volume Up / Reject Call
  • An LED  Indicator
  • Turn on / Pairing mode/ play / pause / turn off / answer call / end call button (lots of functions for that button)
  • Previous
  • Next

also has a built in mic and a micro usb slot for charging.  Each charge will last approximately ten hours. Hate when your head phones just randomly die? Yeah me too! The Roverbeats  shows the battery status on all IOS devises. However the Roverbeats are compatible with ALL Bluetooth devices.

Still not impressed?


  • They have a 33 feet wireless range
  • Take phone calls easily
  • Has noise reduction
  • 1 year warranty
  • Goes over the ears not in, so they wont randomly fall out.
  • Complete hands free functionality.


Wireless Range: 33ft
Playback Time: 10 hours
Standby Time: 400 hours
Sound: Stereo
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Dimensions: 6.88 x 6.06 x 2.46 inches


I love these for walks and jogs. My previous wireless headphones tended to call our of my ears. I love that these go over my hears and over my head no falling off when exercising. I have been using some really great apps calls The Walk and Zombie Run both excellent games to play and get your ass moving and the Roverbeats have an amazing sound quality that makes you feel like the zombies are on your heels!   Love them!!!!

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Power Pack Review


I was sent this charger to review. It sells Here for $9.99. I’m in love with it. I love that it is so small yet packs a big enough punch to charge my phone. It fits easily into my purse or glove box so I know that I always have peace of mind when I’m out and about that I’m not going to break down and be without my phone. I also love that it is so affordable below you will find the details  on this charger!


The LS-2100 power bank has a compact design, lipstick size, super lightweight, feel nothing in your hand when playing with the power. Easily fits into your pocket or bag. Grade A cells high quality Lithium-ion battery ensures reliability; 500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery. 1A Output and 2800mAh battery capacity can charging more than one full extra battery life for your iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, and most other smaller smartphones and devices
external battery pack – powerbank – power bank – power bank charger – external battery charger – portable power bank – external charger – portable charger
• This mini external battery has a compact design, lipstick size, super lightweight, feel nothing in your hand when playing with the power
• Easily fits into your pocket or bag
• Grade A cells high quality Lithium-ion battery ensures reliability; 500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery

• 1A Output and 2800mAh battery capacity can charging more than one full extra battery life for your iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, and most other smaller smartphones and devices.

• When designing our BRIO Power Bank Series, we fully consider your safety in use.
• This model involves Security Protection Design which provides: over-charging protection, over current protection, over discharge protection and short circuit protection.

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2 Verus Galaxy S6 Case Thor Military Green Review


  • Tough yet Slim, Form Fitting Hard-shell Construction with Soft Core for Heavy Duty Drop and Scratch Protection
  • Inner Shock Absorption Pattern with Extra Padded Corners
  • Rubberized SF Coating Surface w/ Anti Slip Edges

Comes in 9 different colors.

  • Active Dark Silver
  • Active Military Green
  • Active Shine Gold
  • Dark Silver
  • Electric Blue
  • Military Green
  • Thor Red

Fits your investment great! Sure to help keep your face safe! Sells on Amazon $16.99

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2 Verus Galaxy S6 Case Damda Gold Review

  • f285b64369cb9a51b4e96e3fd824f58700847182Tough yet Slim, Form Fitting Hard-shell Construction with Soft Core
  • Convenient Card Storage to Securely Carry up to Two IDs and Credit Cards
  • Rubberized Edges for Anti Slip Protection

Comes in five great colors:

  1. Dark Silver
  2. Red
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Yellow

This is a great tough case. I love the hidey hole for your credit cards or drivers licence. Makes it easy to carry just what you need for a night on the town!


Buy it on Amazon for $19.99

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2 NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands 6 Piece Set Review

NeeBoo Fit Bands

I was sent this set of 6 resistance bands to review for my blog through Tomoson. Where most bands sell in sets of three, this set is a full set of 6! Ranging from 5lbs to 50lbs resistance!!  They sell for $16.97 on Amazon. In the box you will get:

– Light resistance loop band (Green) 12″x2″
– Medium resistance loop band (Blue) 12″x2″
– Heavy resistance loop band (Yellow) 12″x2″
– X-Heavy resistance loop band (Red) 12″x2″
– XX-Heavy resistance loop band (Black) 12″x2″
– XXX-Heavy resistance loop band (Orange) 12″x2″
– High Quality Pull-String Carry Bag

Why do I think these are better than dumbbells? Well… they save more space, much more affordable, more flexible to workout with… and lets face it you really cant lift a dumbbell with your foot 😉 I love that it comes in a little bag and that I can toss it into my purse and go to the beach or the park to workout if I’m feeling up to enjoying the beautiful weather. The bands are 12 inches long while competing brands are only 10. They are made of Eco-Friendly Latex and lets say you hate them, there is a full lifetime money back guarantee. If you don’t like em they will refund you no questions ask. You can work your hamstrings, thighs, hips, triceps and biceps. These are fantastic for physical therapy or rehab, Pilates and so much more! I’m pretty much in love!

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