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Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves Review

on January 12, 2015

wpid-20150111_004528.jpgI was sent a pair of Stark Safe cut resistant gloves through Tomoson to review.

So the very nature of being a Heather is to be clumsy and no memory… and if you are a friend of a Heather you know that is a 100% factual statement. So any product that is going to keep me from potentially cutting my hand up (or off) is a welcomed product in my home.

This pair of Cut resistant gloves sells on Amazon for  $11.99.

Now keep in mind keyword is resistant, not proof so you still have potential of chopping your hand in half 🙂

So wondering why you would need a pair of cut resistant gloves? If you would have asked me last weekend when I was peeling potatoes and peeled my knuckle along with the potato I would have screamed at you exactly why I needed these gloves.

That Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves are

  • 4 times stronger than leather
  • Lightweight and breathable as well as comfortable.
  • Food service safe has a antibacterial blend.


The gloves come in three sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large. I normally wear a small when it comes to mittens and winter gloves so I shot for a medium and they fit well… perfectly like a glove (bahahaha)

Considering that these gloves are supposed to be worn while handling sharp objects I’m super glad they fit well. wpid-20150111_004617.jpg

I also was half expecting these gloves to be rough, or pokey and just have a gross icky texture however was surprised when they don’t feel like any other gloves, they are soft to the touch and flexible. I was able to have full movement of my hand. I love that they go further up and cover my wrists.

Wondering how these would be handy other than being a chef in a kitchen? Well here is how these are going to fit into my everyday clumsy life:

  • Peeling Potatoes (Seriously it hurts A LOT)
  • Picking up broken glass
  • As my son gets older I’m sure I will have a broken window or two to assist in repairing.
  • Working on my metal crafting for my jewelry
  • cutting veggies and meats
  • changing lawnmower blades
  • Sharpening knives
  • Sharpening chainsaw blades


2 responses to “Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves Review

  1. onomatopoeicbliss says:

    Clumbsy is NOT what Heather means to me. Just sayin.
    Cool gloves nonetheless 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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