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WTH is am I watching?… a mommy moment.

Canimalscanimals (1) I would like to think I’m not the only parent that uses the TV as a babysitter when I’m cooking dinner. Usually I let my sweet boy pick out something on netflix. Usually he picks out Thomas Tank Engine, Little Einsteins or the intolerable Yo Gabba Gabba.

Last night I guess he was feeling adventurous because he picked out this show called Canimals. The little Netflix icon showed these big eyed boxy looking critters. However I had zero idea what it was, it looked kid friendly so I clicked that bad boy and went into the kitchen to make my pork loin and carrots.

After a few minutes of silence I went out to check on little man and was quickly drawn in by the creepiness  of Canimals.

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Review: Things I’ve Said To My Children

  • Untitled1Hardcover: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press (September 15, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1607748304
  • ISBN-13: 978-1607748304
  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.6 x 7.3 inches

As a parent I find myself saying all sorts of crazy, ridiculous things that I never thought in a million years that I would have to say to another human being. Author Nathan Ripperger has taken the crazy things he has had to say to his children and put it into this awesome hilariously illustrated book.Untitled2 You giggle, cry and laugh as you quickly read through this book. This book makes the perfect gift for any parent of a toddler. I’m going to be using the book as a guest book for my sisters baby shower I think it will make the guest giggle and be some great reading for my sister down the road. I totally reccomend this book.

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So I have heard a TON of positive things about the It Works wrap and got the opportunity to try one out. If you are one of the few people on the earth who have not heard about the wrap let me give you a quick rundown. Its a non woven cloth infused with a botanical formula that refreshes and renews the skin and may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.  You can use the wrap on just about any part of your body, Neck, tummy, butt, arms , legs etc. Although they say only to use one wrap at a time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Friday Favorites: Potty Training Conversations with my three year old!


I have really tried to buckle down and do this whole potty training thing. My son just turned three and has shown no interest at all. So I decided to bust out “Potty Prizes” and stickers and the results have been great… except this morning when again he forgot to point it down… that resulted in a really wet floor… So this week I decided to share my potty stories of the week…


when my son noticed that I don’t pee standing up and he does: 

Morgan: “Mom… I peed standing up.”
Me: “Yeah you did good job buddy!”
Morgan: “Mom you cant pee standing up.”
Me: “Nope.”
Morgan: (Laughes) “That is silly!”
Me: “Yeah… I know right!”


Tuesday night Morgan learned why he points his wiener down when he pees. I kept telling him to point it down, he would purposely point it up to just be a brat.

I go into the kitchen to make dinner and I hear screaming and soon my toddler is standing next to me in the kitchen, pants off, wet shirt and a liquid dripping from his face.


Me: “Morgan what is that?”


This kid, is why you point your wiener down when you pee.


A cute moment was when he went and you could see the pride on his face: 

“mommy I did it I really did it!”

This time I’m going to the bathroom and he comes up in front of me starts clapping his hands and in what I can only describe as a mocking tone says, “Mommy you did it, good job you go potty like a big girl!” hahaha thanks kid!

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Review: FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Starter Kit


I got the pleasure of getting the FXP starter kit sent to me! Talking about mixing exercise and old school fun! The FXP starter kit was specifically desgined for people who are just beginning their fitness journey or perhaps new to hula hooping for fitness.

The Starter kit comes with:

  • FXP Hula Hoop® with Easy Spin Technology in your choice of color: teal, pink, or purple
  • Carrying Bag
  • Non Slip Mat
  • Level 1 DVD
  • Workout Guide

So lets be honest here, your thinking Hula Hooping? Exercise? Pullllease! Seriously this is sure to kick your ass. I used to do it as a kid but apparently somewhere between childhood and now, this shit got tough and became a kick ass workout! The Hula hoop itself weighs 2lbs so you are sure to work a ton of muscles and in my case gain a few bruises around your mid section.

I had a weighted hula hoop before in the past but not only was it to heavy for me to keep up it also took up a ton of room because it was a huge pain in the ass to break down. This hula hoop breaks down and easily stores in its bag within seconds. Plus it gets so small, I can actually store this in my gym bag and keep it with me in case I ever decide to bust out my hula hoop at the gym, park or wherever else I get the urge to groove!

This starter kit runs $44.95 and is totally worth it. I’m going to start making this apart of my daily exercise… however not going to lie… I’m going to totally need to practice because right now all my exercise is coming from bending over and picking it back up!

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Review: Tom Box



Ladies ever wish Aunt Flo would just go to hell and stop visiting? Or that Tom would just drop dead? Or Just wish that the massacre at the Y didn’t suck so bad? Ummmm Yes! Yes! And Yes! The tombox is one of the most fantastical ideas that I have ever heard of! What is better than presents when you feel gross? Nothing.. the answer is nothing. Presents are the best.

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Review: Surprise Ride


Morgan and I received a super fun and awesome monthly subscription box in the mail from Surprise Ride to review. What exactly is Surprise Ride you ask? Surprise Ride is a monthly adventure in a box. It is for kiddos from age 6 to 11 and is packed full of facts, fun, and creativity… so whats was in my box?

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Review: Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill

71OL331U+iL._SL1500_I had the absolute pleasure in receiving the Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill to review. The Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve grill‘s dimensions are as follows: 19.5 x 14.9 x 23.8 inches. This was the perfect size for my two year old son. It comes in a large box and assembly is required, however its super easy and no tools are necessary and takes about 10 minutes (max).  It comes with everything you need to get your kiddo started on making an imaginary dinner for the family. It comes with, two hotdog buns, two, two hot dogs, two sets of hamburger buns, two hamburgers, ketchup,mustard, spatula and tongs. There are totally some pros and cons to this toy, because I feel like over all this is a great toy and my son is loving it I will go over the cons first and end on a positive note.


  • I feel like this is really light weight. This isnt the quality that I have gotten to know over the years with Little Tikes. However, my son loves to move it all around the house and managed to get it outside next to Dads grill all by himself (still not really sure how this happened)
  • Missing the sizzle!!! So… I was so excited for this to come in the mail because I didn’t know anything about the item other than its name and the brand. I expected it to need battery and make a sound, perhaps even light up… nope.. no batteries… no sound.. no lights… a little disappointment. It does have a knob on the side of the grill that makes some clicking noises when turned. 818dAI9Bx1L._SL1164_


  • The price.  The Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill  sells for $24.99. This is an excellent price for any large toys from Little Tikes, and I’m believing that this is why it is so light weight to help cut cost.
  • Great food. The quality of the play food IS the quality that I expected from Little Tikes! Morgan loves that you can put the hot dog in the bun and put the hamburger together. They are tough enough that they can get toddler drool and bites on it and not dent or crack.
  • Easy to put together
  • Kiddo approved (have I mentioned that Morgan Loves it)

I think this is a fantastic toy with a fantastic price and a great way to get your little one into using their imagination!

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SavvyBaby 2-Sided Design, Unisex Pacifier Holder Set

61GnOlqvkgL._SL1000_Pacifier Clips – 3 Pack, Unisex – SavvyBaby 2-Sided Design, Unisex Pacifier Holder Set for Girls or for Boys – Best Clip Holder for Teething Toys, Baby Blankets, Soothie, Stuffed Animals – Perfect Baby Shower Gift…. 

  • FASHION MEETS FUNCTION with our 3 pack of pacifier leashes. Our unique designs in bright and fun colors will keep your baby’s accessories off the floor in a stylish way. Our unisex designs are perfect for boys or girls. Not to mention it is the perfect baby shower gift!
  • WASHABLE, DURABLE & NON-TOXIC – Our pacifier clips are made from high quality cotton and nickel-free metal 61EQ1O9x5sL._SL1100_clips.
  • STRONG, DURABLE CLASP & CORD – Our pacifier holders are made with high quality clips that won’t pull off but are gentle on clothes. Our durable loop will attached to any style pacifier or teether and last for years to come.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT & FUNCTION – You won’t believe all of the uses for these stylish clips! Not only are they perfect for pacifiers, but they work great for teething toys, soothies, baby blankets, and stuffed animals. You can also use these leashes as a blanket clip for keeping your baby covered up while riding in his/her stroller.

Soo.. I was sent these to review through Tomoson and was quickly surprised about the quality and how cute these are! I love that you can use them for not only a pacifier but also teething toys. I think these would be a great gift to add onto a diaper cake for an expecting mom!  You can find these on  Amazon for $14.99

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Video Review: Reusable Baby Food Pouch by Tubbki











I was sent the Tubbki reusable baby food pouches to review through Tomoson these pouches are awesome for kids and moms alike. The Pouch requires no spoons or dishes! They allow you to put a healthy snack into the pouch and allows your little one to squeeze the contents right into there mouth. I love that this is a healthy eating solution for on the go rather than relying on all the store bought foods. This lets you also join the effort to save our planet by reducing waste and save money by relying on homemade foods.

Tubbki pouches are

  • BPA Free
  • PVC free
  • Phthalate Free


They are safe, unbreakable and they use an anti-chocking cap that has been designed according to anti-choking regulations making it to be to large to be swallowed.

You can find this awesome product on <a href=";

target=”_blank”>Amazon where is sells for $11.99 for a set of 3

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