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Review: RubberClub.Com

on June 15, 2015


I got the fantastic opportunity to work with RubberClub.Com! RubberClub.Com is a monthly Subscription service that provides you with condoms being delivered discreetly to your door. No more awkward standing in line at the store wondering what works best, what your partner would like, or what size will work best for you!

RubberClub.Com makes it fast and efficient (don’t use them that way though Gent’s)

So Curious How it works?

RubberClub.Com is super easy to use.


The first step is picking out the package you want delivered each month. They have 4 easy and affordable membership plans to choose from. (Seen in the picture on the left) So Step one is, figure out how much you plan on getting it on. Do you need a 3, 6, 12 or do you plan on having a really good month and going with the 24 pack?

weekly2The second step is to choose your weapon of choice! With known brands such as Tojan, Durex, Lifestyles and Rough Rider you are sure to find something that works for you. Currently they have 9 different condom styles in stock. Choose your condom type, and then you get to choose your sextra. Yep… sextra. Currently the sextras they offer are Lube, Fresh & Sexy wipes as well as Durex Play Vibrations. They are an additional cost to your subscription, however well worth it and priced right!

weekly2The final steps are to verify your shipping address and payment information. They will be shipped to you in a discreet box, and the condoms themselves will come in the same packaging you would get at the pharmacy and the best part, SHIPPING IS FREE!
When  mine came I honestly had no clue what it was and I even ordered it! It was in a mailing “bag” and I had no idea what it was by reading the return address, once I opened it I had my “oh yeah” moment.  Aside from the love gloves that I ordered, it has a pretty funny little drink coaster.


So my final thoughts on RubberClub.Com ? Its awesome! I think this is a fantastic way to promote and practice safe sex! We live in a time that everything is sexualized, but you don’t ever see safe sex being promoted in commercials or TV shows. This is a great non shame way to not have to deal with the stigma of standing in condom aisle next to everything else that really isnt sexy at all, or having to ask the pharmacist to unlock the condoms for you. I think this is affordable and would make a great gift for a newly single friend.

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