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Review: Surprise Ride

on June 15, 2015


Morgan and I received a super fun and awesome monthly subscription box in the mail from Surprise Ride to review. What exactly is Surprise Ride you ask? Surprise Ride is a monthly adventure in a box. It is for kiddos from age 6 to 11 and is packed full of facts, fun, and creativity… so whats was in my box?

unnamed (1)

 So mail came and I was pretty excited to see this adorable sturdy little box waiting at the door for us.

I opened it up and it was wrapped nicely in tissue paper with a list of what amazing adventure I would find underneath. Here is a quick breakdown of the awesomeness. unnamed

  • Everything you need to create beeswax candles.
  • Everything you need to create a Bee-Friendly Sun Flower.
  • A Dr Suess Book: Show Me the Honey
  • A Yummy Snack: Honey Heroes
  •  A Fun Extra: Surprise Ride Fris-Bee
  • Another Fun Extra: Mango & Sour Blue Raspberry Honey Sticks

And just because I know that my picture is super little and kind of bunched together here is one that I stole from the Surprise Ride website.


Ever buy a toy for the kiddo and forget the batteries? This literally come with EVERYTHING! It Came with scissors for the beeswax candles and even dirt for the sunflower… Honestly how freaking awesome is that? No need to worry about disappointing your kiddo! This can be opened and played with ASAP! This is something I really like, Surprise Ride they are setting you up for success! Also the Snacks were amazing the little honey sticks were mauled by the hubby and myself and the little cookies were devoured by my two year old cookie monster.

So how much does something this awesome cost? Actually its super affordable You can purchase it in a 3, 6 or 12 month interval .

unnamed (2)

  • 3 months costs $29.99 per month. (one time payment of $89.97)
  • 6 months costs $24.99 Per month. (one time payment of $149.99)
  • 12 month costs $24.99 Per month. (one time payment of $299.98)

With each box you will receive a box that includes two activities, a book a snack and two fun extras and easy to follow directions. Each box is designed with one child in mind however it has enough in the box that it is possible to have the kiddos share a box.

You can always just order a one time box for like a birthday present, end of the school year gift or just because you rock as a parent and they retail for $34.99 each.


Surprise Ride gets a 5 out of 5 star rating. Its affordable, educational, and super fun! Even though its meant for kiddos age 6-11 my two year old loved it and gave us time to get our craft on together. I totally recommend this for all Parents, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents for the special kiddos in your life!

Check out and show your love to Surprise Ride on Social media!




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