Sometimes I'm the one who needs a time out

on September 17, 2015



So I have heard a TON of positive things about the It Works wrap and got the opportunity to try one out. If you are one of the few people on the earth who have not heard about the wrap let me give you a quick rundown. Its a non woven cloth infused with a botanical formula that refreshes and renews the skin and may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.  You can use the wrap on just about any part of your body, Neck, tummy, butt, arms , legs etc. Although they say only to use one wrap at a time.

do-body-wraps-really-work1So how does the application of this wrap work? Its easy, open it up, smooth it out on your desired body part, cover with saran wrap and wait as little as 45 minutes.

Results will can show in as little as 45 minutes however you can continue to see  results for up to 3 days after taking the wrap off.

Alright enough about the little details, let me tell you about how my experience went.

I worked with this amazing independent distributor named Jennifer. Jennifer was great she stayed in contact with me via email and answered all my questions and since she was working with me on this blog piece she understood my fear of putting my body out there (yep.. i’m going to show pictures)

So after sitting and staring at this wrap for two weeks I finally took the plunge and tried it out. I unwrapped the wrap and was amazed about how large it was. I decided the part of my body I hate the most is my stomach.

Ever since I had my son three years ago it has never been the same. I ended up having a C-Section and my cut wasn’t even so my belly is a little….”lop sided” Once I got the wrap on I wrapped myself like a human burrito in saran wrap and started to drink some water and wait.  I wore my wrap for three hours. In those three hours knew it was doing some work because it was cool and tingly. No pain and no itchy, just tingly.


After 48 hours I took my first picture and I will be completely honest I’m not sure that I can tell a difference but Jenn says that she can see more tightness in my belly button and the lines are more faded.

I’m sure that I would have had better results if I would have had more water to drink.

Also something to keep in mind this is with just one wrap. An entire treatment , 1 wrap is more of a trail. I’m sure I would have better results if I kept it up over time.  So that question is would I try it again? Sure. I feel like it was doing something as I could feel it working, I can see small results and I believe that overtime I could see much better results.

Interested in trying wraps out for yourself or want to learn more contact  Jenn at :

Facebook: Jenn Callahan


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