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Nutrisystem Day 14

nutrisystemOn day 14 and down 13.4 lbs. The sushi caused a one pound set back that took two days to come off but this morning I was more than happy to get on the scale and see that even though I had 4 captain and diet cokes last night at a hockey game that I managed to lose 1.6 lbs!

So now that I am two weeks into it I have tried a good selection of their food. The Delcious, the okay and the omg what in the hell is this.

The Lasagna falls into the what in the hell were they297x220LasagMeat thinking category. I LOVE lasagna, even like crappy frozen lasagna is good… but this is just bad. First let me say beans do not have any business on the same plate as lasagna. It wasn’t the vegetable lasagna I got but the meat one that had pinto beans in it. It had a thick brownish red sauce that was just unpleasant and it was over all the worst meal I have had since being on the plan. I can promise you that I will not be ordering it again next month.

297x220_TurkeyDressingA meal that I really enjoyed was the Turkey and Gravy for dinner. It tasted great my only complaint it it did not look ANYTHING like the picture. The turkey is sliced, but the stuffing is far from dry and fluffy. Its all in a little container, Turkey, Gravy and Stuffing. So everything is covered in gravy. Not a huge deal its going to all end up in the same place anyways but its almost impossible to lay out nicely on a plate like show. However I will be ordering this one again, its delicious!


The Turkey and Sausage Pizza has been one of my favorites so far. It tastes like a Tombstone pizza. Its one of Nutrisystems frozen entrees and its yummers. It really took care of the craving that I had for pizza. Next time I might add some Jalapenos to it to add a little spice. I have added three of these pizzas to next months order. You can make it in the oven or in the microwave.

297x220_FrZ_HamAndCheeseOmeletMy favorite breakfast meal so far has been the Turkey Ham & Cheese omelet. This is another one of Nutrisystems frozen meals. Once you nuke it in the microwave the egg is still moist and everything is just awesome. Low in calories and totally fills you up! Kind of sad I only ordered one for this month, however I really didn’t have high hopes for it but it really exceeded my standards.297x220ChickenPenneAlfredo

The Chicken Alfredo is another meal that should be put on the WTF were they thinking list. The Alfredo really has zero flavor and the noodles are slimy. I ended up soaking mine in hot sauce in order to choke this one down. I have another one in the cupboard waiting for me and I have yet to be brave enough to put myself through it again. It was just a slimy mess. Ew…

There are a few downs but lots of ups on the nutrisystem. I’m totally seeing results, my jeans are fitting better, I wore a vest the other day that  I couldn’t zip up before, and my wedding ring is actually loose!

Starting on the plan I was at 247 lbs, this morning I’m at 233.6 lbs.  My short term goal is to get under 200 lbs, my long term goal is to get to 145 lbs. I know I normally blog about product reviews and such but I will be honest, as much as I love the free loot but I’m getting a bit burnt out on it. SO you may see my blog being more about my journey as well as about stuff I’m passionate about such as crafting and parenting. I’m sure I may lose some readers but hopefully I gain some along the way and inspire at least one person to jump on and start there own journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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Review: Reusable Food Pouches


I was sent 6, 6oz reusable food pouches to review. These pouches are made in the United states and are BPA, PCV, LEAD and Phthalate free. They have a duel-zipper system that will prevent any leak from occuring. The pouches are tough and will withstand the wrath of any toddler. I find that they are super easy to fill and clean. They have an extra wide zipper opening that makes it easy to pour the food in. They are dishwasher & freezer safe making storage and clean up super easy! Plus they have a writable surface on the back to date and track your pouches for freshness.

These are perfect for babyfood, smoothies, Apple sauce and any other purees that you can think of! Also these are a God send for any parent that is on the go, a quick easy treat to grab and hand to your little one.

These sell on Amazon for $13.99. I think these are a steal compared to what you are going to buy for the prefilled ones in the store, and much healthier. What a great way to know exactly what you are feeding your little one plus they are earth friendly!

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Review: Instant Happy Journal

  • UntitledPaperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press; Jou edition (October 6, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 160774824X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1607748243
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 1 x 6.7 inches

So I have been trying really hard to keep a positive attitude and not let the little things drag me down and the Instant Happy Journal has been a huge help.

Its a 365 day journal with motivation words, inspiration and though provoking questions on each page.

Day one asked me to list the days mini miracles. It was a pretty ordinary day but here is what I listed:

  • Got Oil changed (needed to do for like 8 months)
  • Went to the gym (I’m trying to get on track)
  • Leading at work (I’m rocking out in my professional life right now)

All are things that the every day person may not think is a big deal but they are kind of a big deal for me and so that is why I listed them as a mini miracle. Untitled2

I love how this books help you take the ordinary things and think of them in a different perspective.

I’m only on day three but I’m already looking at going home and writting! Todays page is on the right, “Share some words of wisdom a friend told you today or recently that inspired you.” I will be honest this one has me scratching my head and I may end up going to pintrest to find something motivational that gets me going but we shall see.

This Journal is a total win and for $9.34 its one hell of a deal!

Love it!

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Finding the perfect family tree @ Minted

MIN-01W-FCA-007_A_APZI recently stumbled across a really awesome website called Minted. Its packed full of beautiful artwork, everything from watercolor, typography to photography. It also has invites and save the date cards and all stationary you can think of  in between. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Gadget Grab

k2-_2498d60e-03b9-47bb-b83a-4f3cce02fb13.v1.jpg-41dbadfc06dc3fe691d482d3f75111d6513d04fe-optim-450x450I was sent the gadget grab to test out and was pretty happy and surprised with the results.  Its so hard to find a stand that not only works great for my iPad but that I can trust to keep it up and not drop it. I received two different sizes, small and large. They are both the same concept, circular black cases that open up to revile green sticky pads insidek2-_3cc251d3-c768-404a-8783-239f78e9e838.v1.

So the small one works great for my cell phone. I had it stuck to my car dash and my phone on it using it for GPS and it held up well to the bumps of the road and didn’t drop my phone at all.  The one that I was most curious about though is the largek2-_e676564f-e1c4-437e-8048-c56d26c120be.v1 one and to see how it would hold up with my Ipad.

I use my ipad for everything from watching movies to using it as a cookbook in my kitchen. I almost always have my ipad on me.

First test was for the kitchen. It stuck wonderfully to the kitchen counter and didn’t leave any residue however in order to get it to stick well to my ipad I did have to remove the case and that made me a little nervous. Once I removed the case from the ipad is stuck like a champ. I was able to swipe my ipad and use it while it was on the stand without the Gadget grab loosing its grip. Once I was done using it I was able to remove it from both the counter and my ipad without damaging or leaving any goo behind.

The Gadget Grab sells for $10.00 plus shipping and handling here. I think for $10.00 they are definitely a deal. You get two for the price of one and for being such a simple concept they work fantastically. They are small so you can toss them in your purse, glovebox or even in the kitchen drawer so its always ready when you need it.

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Review: Baby Comfy Deluxe Safety Clipper


  • PATENTED SINGLE-BLADE TECHNOLOGY won’t cut baby’s skin; This is the first nail clipper designed to prevent baby’s skin from getting cut; Unique nail clipper design. A reinvention of the baby nail clipper
  • THE BOTTOM SMOOTH LEDGE holds baby’s fingertip skin safely back so only the nail gets cut, not the skin
  • PROTECTS FROM CUTTING TOO CLOSELY TO THE SENSITIVE NAIL BED; The bottom ledge extends out slightly so you can’t cut too closely to the sensitive nail bed; Trim Tearlessly
  • LARGER THAN STANDARD CLIPPERS BY DESIGN so it’s easier to hold and operate
  • DURABLE SMOOTH BOTTOM LEDGE lasts for thousands of cuts

So I love these. I cant tell you how much I dread cutting my sons nails because it never fails, he ends up bleeding. However these are awesome because the single blade technology keeps that from happening! I love how big and chunky it is making it easier to hold.


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UntitledGood customer service and affordable products mean a bunch to me and I recently found a company that has both of those qualities and I wanted to share.

I stumbbled across as an advertisement on my facebook page and decided to try it out. I placed an order for the following:


Stylish Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve Printed Dress For Women $8.99

I am totally in love with dress except I had to hem it myself about 5 inches. It was SUPER long, however I was perfectly okay with that since I only paid $8.99 for the dress, and the colors are beautiful. While I was at Panara I had a random lady come up and tell me how beautiful my dress looked and she said that she hoped I got lots of compliments on it. She made my day and this dress has quickly become one of my favorites. I am in love with it. I got an XL and it fits true to size, I could have got away with a large.


Ethnic Sleeveless Round Neck Printed Dress For Women $8.80

So first I will say that I had no intentions of wearing this as a dress when I ordered it, I’m just to curvy for that, however I did want to wear it with a pair of jeans. This “dress” fits more like a shirt, I got an XL and it is tight on my boobs however as I lose weight it will fit better. The dress itself is beautiful and I love it! I cant wait to grow into it better as I believe this will be a staple of my regular line up next summer!


Sexy Solid Color High-Waisted Fringe Design Plus Size Bikini Set For Women $6.49

Woooah what? $6.49 for the top AND the bottoms of a swimsuit? It must be a urban legend. Cant be real can it? Oooh it is! And the swim suit is amazing. The bottoms are not as long as I would have liked, there is more skin showing than the picture above but I purchased an XL and the top and the bottoms fit great. I really love this swim suit. The quality is great and the price is perfect.


Stylish Women’s Scoop Neck Batwing Sleeve Printed Loose-Fitting Chiffon Blouse $7.78

And last but not least my new favorite shirt! For $7.78 I feel like I practically stole this shirt! it doesnt fit me off the shoulder like this, however that may be because it is a one size fits all, but the quality and the colors are right on. I love the bright prettyness of this shirt (yes prettyness is Now a thing) and I love how it looks with jeans. This shirt has totally rocked my world.

I’m in love… go check out SammyDress 


Review: LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit

unnamed (1)


I would like to introduce you to my new soulmate the Epson LabelWorks. This beautiful little label maker does the unexpected and prints on ribbon!!

unnamed (2)

Not even going to lie as soon as this came in the mail I had to really get myself under control because my mind would not stop thinking of all the amazing things that I was going to be able to do with this new crafting tool… but before I start spewing my craftiness I better give you some stats about this little buddy.


Display: LCD, 16 Char. x 1 line

Maximum Tape Width: ~1/2″ (12 mm)

Built-in Memory: Yes, up to 30 labelskt_c51cb69130-15_396x264

Keyboard: QWERTY

Tape Cutter: Built-in, Manual

Maximum Resolution: 180 dpi

Maximum Print Width: ~3/8″ (9.0 mm)

Maximum Number of Printed Lines: 2

Batteries: 6 AAA (not included)

Open Cover Detection: Yes

Battery Level Indicator: Yes

PC & Mac Connectivity: No

Tape Compatibility: LC

Tape Width: ~¼” (6 mm), ~3/8″ (9 mm), ~½” (12 mm)

Tape Length: ~30 ft (9 m)

Tape Varieties: Standard, Iron-on, Metallic, Reflective, Strong Adhesive, Glow-in-the-Dark, Pearlized and Clear

Number of Fonts: 14

Types of Fonts: Sans Serif, Sans Serif HG, Sans Serif ST, Gothic, Bold Gothic, Roman, US Roman, CL Roman, Mincho, Gyosho, Reisho, BR, CB, Script PL

Number of Font Styles: 10

Number of Font Sizes: 5

Number of Font Widths: 2kt_c51cb69140-4_690x460

Built-in Symbols: 300+

Built-in Frames: 75+

Maximum Characters Per Label: 80

Auto Numbering: Yes

Multiple Print Option: Yes

Vertical Printing: Yes

Mirror Printing: Yes

Number of Languages: 7 (English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German)

kt_c51cb69140-7_396x264 kt_c51cb69140-10_396x264


Alright… so now that I got the technical mumbo jumbo out of the way… is your mind blown? I love that it also prints on normal labels so I don’t have to have multiple label makers laying around my house. So aside from printing on ribbon it can also do Iron on labels, glow in the dark labels etc, you just want to make sure that whatever labels / ribbon your purchase is compatible with the Epson Labelworks.

I think this is going to be amazing for my sisters baby shower that I will be hosting in December. I can see myself using it now teamed up with my Cricket for the invitations, Doing custom bookmarks as invitations, cute ribbons off the top that say, “Baby Minor” and  “Save the date”


for my sons Halloween treats for daycare “Trick or Treat” ribbons with cute little ghost on them tieing off the goodies bags!


dont forget all the “Made with love” tags that I can now add to my quilts…

::SIGH:: so much crafting to do so little time. This nifty Labelworks printable ribbon kit sells for $69.99 here. Comes with:

  • LW-300 Label Printer
  • Two (2) ~½” wide printable ribbon cartridges
  • Application User’s Guide
  • Carrying Case

Now quick go make the ordinary extraordinary!

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Review: Ice Ball Maker Mold by BAR-KRAFT®



So since having my son I can say that worried about having a diluted whiskey is not at the top of my things to worry about.

But I did figure out a pretty fun cool thing to do with these awesome ice ball makers.

So think of it as a fun pretty way to infuse your water. You could put lime and mint in them, orange slices, Kiwi etc. OR.. think about this…. 3ef9b751d0100f31f48a0988c65bda10

You could make little smoothie balls with them. We have been making LOTS Of soothies at our house and this is a great way to make them and store them, just pop a few out and stick in your cup, maybe add some water and slush it around and BAM quick smoothie! I’m a pretty big fan of these.

You can purchase this ice sphere maker here on Amazon for $9.50.

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Review: This Old Van


  • Age Range: 3 – 7 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool – 2
  • Hardcover: 30 pages
  • Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books (August 4, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1454910631
  • ISBN-13: 978-1454910633

This Old Van has  quickly become a favorite in our home! Written by Kim Norman and Illustrated by Carolyn Conahan this book takes you through a road trip adventure of grandparents off to see their grandchild in their old vw bus. The words of the story are catchy and written to the tune of this old man. Thisoldvan2The illustrations are beautiful and fun and beautifully detailed. The first time I read this book to Morgan he was loving finding all the trains with faces. The second time we read it he was singing along with me, ” With a click clack rattle rack” on each page. It was fun to read together and ask questions like, “How many bunnies are there?”, “where is the puppy?” ect. This book made is super easy to get involved with the book rather than just another story to read out loud.

This book is perfect for kiddos of any age as it is fun to read to a child but would also be really fun for them to read to you. This book would make the perfect gift, you can find it Here on amazon where it is currently selling for $7.76 for a hardcover and if you ask me is a steal… GET ON IT 😉

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