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Review: Greenco Laundry Clips – Wooden Clip – Wood Clothespins with Spring – 200 Pack


What does one do when they get 200 wood clothespins sent to them to review? ummm… go straight to pintrest… 


And I found this……… 


and these………..


 Seriously my mind is blown! Who knew you could make so many awesome non preschool crafts with clothes pins? I can honestly say that I have never hung my laundry out to dry so the idea of using them what they are actually supposed to be used for is kind of a joke.. however I am the crafty mommy so these uses are much more realistic. You can buy the 200 clothespins on Amazon for $8.99… how many of these crafts can you you do with 200 clothespins?!?!?!?!?

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Strength Stack 52 Complete Pack Review

bc22e3d0d30aff08334039afd9b8b846db47fa4cI was sent the Stack 52 weight Loss card and dice game to review through Tomoson. This is a really fun awesome weigh to mix fitness and fun. You can find them here on the Stack52 Site. This complete set sells for $48.97 right now its on sale, usually it sells for $89.95. Each card has a description of the exercise, a picture of the exercise and then a QR link that you scan scan with your phone to see a video of the exercise.

The Weight Loss Cards are awesome. Each card has a weight loss tip, and each tip that you do you get that many points for it. An example of one of these cards is Drink water before a meal, 1 pt.  You get facts on why this is important to do. Each stack of cards.

I think this is a really fun creative way to work out. I currently have them at work on my desk and when it gets slow I try and get my coworkers to join me in a quick game of who can do the most and the fastest of whatever card we flip. Its pretty fun. love it!

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Liquid Chalk Markers Bundle w/ Chalkboard Labels



I was sent this 10 pack of liquid chalk markers with lables to review on Tomoson. These markers sell for $23.84 on Amazon. These liquid chalk markers come with reversible tips A chisel for fine detail art work and a bullet tip for free writing and coloring. They are filled with Natural and profession ink. It comes with 8 unique shaped chalkboard labels that are made of strong vinyl and are removable with no mess behind. These are water base so you can wipe them off easily, they are dust free so no worries about it getting it all over. This is not only fun for mom to use for fun crafty projects or quickly writing a note on the fridge, but also for kids to develop their creative skills and not have to worry about a big mess. These are smooth and vibrant and write great on non porous surfaces like ceramic, varnished woods, glass, plastic, whiteboards, windows, stainless steel, mugs, and oh so much more! I am a huge fan, and totally in love!

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Review: Pratisphere Ice Sphere Molds

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Sells on Amazon for $19.99

How awesome is this?! Ice Balls anyone? Because cubes are so last year ;). The pratisphere is a unique ice sphere mold that allows you to create a 2.5′ ice spheres to help keep your cocktail, whiskey and other drinks cool but not as diluted.

Here’s why Pratisphere is better than the rest:

Easy to fill: Remove the cap and fill to the line
Spheres easy to remove: Pull tab makes removing ice a breeze
Space saving: Stack to fit any freezer and conserve space
No messes: Large base prevents leaking and spilling
4 Molds: Make 4 ice balls at once

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True Sol Probiotic Review


I was sent this Item through Tomoson to review. It sells on amazon for $19.45 GET & STAY HEALTHY – 80% of your immune system is in your gut, and when probiotics (the good guys) are abundant in your body, it becomes harder for the disease causing bacteria (the bad guys) to settle in Doctors everywhere say probiotics are “Essential” to the body. Many will even say that taking probiotics in pill form ensures that you consume the right probiotic strains and the right recommended dosage Patented and Trusted All Natural Ingredient Probiotics are good bacteria who perform a very important role in our digestive, metabolic and immune systems THIS IS HOW #1 PROBIOTICS MAY HELP YOU:

*Drastically Improve your Digestive Health

*Balance Your Intestinal Flora

*Improve your Mood

* Break Down allergy causing proteins

* Accelerate your fat loss

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True Sol Phytoceramides Review


  • SUPPORT AND RENEW YOUR NAILS AND HAIR. These phytoceramides capsules will do this with their powerful healing properties.
  • REBUILD TISSUE IN AGEING SKIN. This is one of the ultimate skin care products on the market and will heal your skin from within – this nutrition supplement will minimize small lines and ease the wrinkles that time has gifted you. Plus restore elasticity to your facial tissue.
  • MINIMIZE SKIN DAMAGE AND HELP TO ERASE THE DAMAGE FROM THE SUN. The vitamins in Phytoceramides will do this. With Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E your immune system will be braced with an anti ageing tonic like no other.

The Secret to Healthy Beautiful Skin


– All natural herbal extracts that restore and replenish skin ceramides allowing for increased moisturization and improved skin protection. – Works in combination with saturated fatty acids to fight off excess water loss.

– Promotes collagen synthesis to improve the quality of skin barriers and prevent signs of premature aging.

– Promotes Skin elasticity and strengthens the peptide network to give skin it’s firmness. .

– Combats free radical damage and protects the skin from harmful UV and sun radiation. .

– Promotes deep conditioning action which helps fill in fine lines, reduce and prevent wrinkles, and diminish dark circles. .


Our skin is made mostly of the protein collagen, around 75% of it, as well as a lot of water. Clinical studies show that phytoceramides can increase the preservation of collagen in our skin as well as prevent elastase. Leading dermatologists tell us these two compounds are responsible for fighting off the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, preserving the firmness and smoothness of your skin, restoring lost moisture, and lending to a younger and renewed complexion. Phytoceramides provides the powerful nutrients needed to support the production of strong, healthy skin at the cellular level, renewing and replenishing you skin!

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Review: True Sol Xtreme Testrone Top Rated Testosterone Booster


I was sent this bottle of True Sol Xtreme Testorsterone booster to review. This booster sells on Amazon for $29.45.

~Most Customers Report Results Within 2-3 Weeks – Natural and Pure Ingredients
– Dramatic increases in energy
– Noticeable reduction of fat in mid section
– Improves muscle recovery time – Increased mental focus and clarity

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Bakeitfun Silicone Baking Mat – Green Edition Review

810zJsHwSQL._SL1500_I was sent the Bakeitfun silicone baking mat to review through Tomoson. This awesome baking mat sells on Amazon for $10.97. This is a reusable non-stick surface. Its 16.50″ x 11 inches big. You can use this up to 2,000 times before you will need to reuse it. This will help you use your old cookie sheets as if they were brand new and save you on cans of cooking spray. This silicone liner can be stored rolled up and just use hot soapy water and wipe clean after use.  It can heat up to 450*F or if you need to get it freakishly cold it can go to -40*F. It is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. It also has two unique features that you are sure to find handy! Rulers on the side so you can measure and circles that work great for cookies! Comes in three fantastic colors:

  • Gummy Green
  • Premium Bubble Blue
  • Premium Raspberry Red





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Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall French Press Review

61P8WueVGtL._SL1423_I was sent this Vintage double wall french coffee press to review through Tomoson. It retails online at Amazon for $39.99.
Its dishwasher safe and holds up to 34 OZ of coffee. It double walled so it will keep your coffee hotter longer and it has a dribble proof spout so it is sure to keep it clean.

I love the classy look of the stainless steel coffee press. The mirror like finish just looks like it should be at a fancy tea party. It has a 3-4 minute brew time.



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True Sol Organic Argan Oil Review


I was sent this 2oz bottle of Argan Oil through Tomoson to review. It sells here on Amazon for $18.95.

Here are the top ten uses I have found for using Argan Oil.

  1. Skin Moisturizer:  The Most common use for Argan Oil is as a skin moisturizer. It works wonderfully to hydrate and soften the skin. Its high in vitamin E.  It absorbs easily and is non greasy and non irritating. Makes it a awesome natural moisturizer for all skin types. Just a few drops on the skin using gentle rubbing motions use on your skin and face as you would any body or face lotion.
  2. Hair Conditioner: Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier and is the ideal hair conditioner. It can even help with split ends, and tame frizzy hair. There are several different ways to apply it as a conditioner the most easy way is by putting a few drops between the palms of your hands, then comb your hands and fingers through damp hair and make sure to massage into  your scalp and tips. This will encourage hair growth and help with those annoying split ends.
  3. Sleek and Shine Styling: Since it does work awesome to tame unruly hair and gives an awesome shine it works awesome to help style and make your hair manageable. Use after you go through your daily routine, again just use a few drops and run your fingers through your hair.
  4. Anti-Aging:  Using Argan Oil will give your skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Its restore elasticity to the skin and leaves your skin feeling softer and plumper. Massage a few drops into your face and neck before bed. It will help with the wrinkles and moisturize all in one!
  5. Dry Skin Conditions: Having eczema can leave your skin feeling raw, flaky and itchy and looks awful. Using Argan oil can help with this so much, and is painless since it is 100% natural and no added scents.  The vitamin E and fatty acids will help repair the damaged skin and provide the nutrients which will help prevent further dryness and irritation and encourage healing.
  6. Acne: If you have issues with Acne you already know that many moisturizers on the market can actually make your skin worse because of all the extra oils and fragrances in it. Since Argan oil is non greasy it helps balance the skin by providing a natural moisture.
  7. Protection and Healing: Have cracked, Irritated, Damaged or even burned skin? Argan oil has the properties to help speed up healing. Just put a few drops onto damaged skin to help speed up the healing process.
  8. Pregnancy: I cant even tell you how much I wish I knew about this miracle oil when I was pregnant. It gives protection against stretch marks, sagging, puckered skin after birth. Use a few drops on  your breasts, tummy, ass and thighs to help reduce those stretch marks and attempt to keep your pre baby body as much as you can.
  9. Foot, Hand and Nail Treatment: Dry hard cracked feet? Brittle nails? Peeling skin around the nails? massage a few drops into these trouble spots and it will help. Also massage into feet before bed and slip on some socks for a great foot treatment.
  10. Lip Moisturiser: If you get the pleasure of enjoying the cold dry harshness of winter you know all about sore, chapped, cracked dry lips and just how much it sucks. Argan Oil to the rescue. Dip a QTip into the bottle and spread onto your lips just as you would a lip balm and wipe off the excess!

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