Sometimes I'm the one who needs a time out

Week one.. done!

on January 17, 2016

fitness-inspirationImagine what 12 lbs of hamburger looks like. Imagine what a large bag of potatoes feels like. Now listen up  when I say I lost 11.8 lbs with my first week of nurtisysem.

I know I have done A LOT of reviews that I have gotten paid for or the product for free, but I can promise you that I’m reviewing this 100% on my own and I’m paying for it (ask the husband)

With the first week down I am already feeling like I am getting my self control and confidence back.  I look at pictures like the one that I have posted here and I can not wait to get that face back or having collar bones… 1382801_10202805887381426_1099592513_noh how I miss those!

I was on Nutrisystem a few years ago in 2009 I believe and hated the food. In fact most of it ended up in the garbage. They have added frozen food and must have got a new chef because the food is now delicious!

Today for lunch I had a Pepperoni Pizza roll type thing. I think it is there version of a pizza pocket (I hate those things) and it was delicious and so filling!

For breakfast I had a Nutrisystem chocolate doughnut. Now it was not rock my socks off amazing like a doughnut from doughnut land.. but it totally hit the spot. The chocolate frosting was like the chocolate that it on those little chocolate covered doughnuts that come in the plastic wrappers. The cake part itself was not super sweet. It wasn’t bad by any means but it wasn’t the doughnut that caused me to gain 100 lbs of extra weight. I will end up adding it to my next order.

I’m sure week two is going to slow down on pounds lost, however every ounce counts, they add up… well here is to a new week!

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