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Review.. beginning.. Nutrisystem.

on January 15, 2016

fatme I have finally hit that point where I am feeling like a baby beluga and weighing in almost as much as one.

I got on the scale one morning and the scale read a shocking 247lbs. What the french toast? Where in the hell did all this weight come from? I know I let my depression get the best of me but I went from a curvy 175lbs to this?!

I have decided enough it enough. I’m going to take charge and get my body back and most importantly my self esteem. I’m at the point where I hate shaving my legs because I have to focus on each ugly inch of my legs, I hate getting dressed or looking at my body in the mirror, it results in me wanting to simply cry and then eat something greasy.

So as of Monday I started Nurtisystem.. and got my husband to join me on this journey. We knew we wanted to start monday but didn’t want to wait for the food to get shipped to us so we went off to Walmart where they have the starter kits.Nutrystem

The kit is priced at $44.98 in store and at It contains:

  • 5 breakfasts
  • 5 lunches
  • 5 dinners
  • 5 snacks

and you supply your own fruits and vegetables.

The Food was surprisingly tasty, and totally edible. After day two I took the plunge and went to and sat down with the husband and we ordered a month supply of food for each one of us.

So I’m sure you are wondering exactly how much does this cost? It cost me $304.99 (per person)  I’m doing the uniquely yours plan that includes Nutrisystem frozen meals and its a month worth of food.  Its about $11 bucks a day, and I can tell you I was spending much more than that by eating out everyday.

Wondering about results? I have been on it since Monday and I weighed in today at 136.2lbs, thats about a 11lb difference. Now you can say “its water weight” or something else
297x220_TurkeyDressingthat will totally make you a debbie downer, but its 11lbs that is off of my five foot five frame and that makes me happy!

So I’m day 5 into my Nutrisystem diet and pretty happy with it so far. I’m not hungry. I feel like I eat enough, Each day I get

  • breakfast
  • morning snack
  • lunch + 2 Cups of Veggies
  • afternoon snack
  • dinner + 2 cups of veggies
  • Snack

I have been using myfitness pal and I’m getting on average 1200-1300 calories each day.

So far my favorite meal is the Turkey and stuffing… granted it looks NOTHING like the picture they have shown, it is delicious.

I plan on blogging on my weightloss journey each week, maybe twice a week depending on how into it people seem to be, If you have questions or comments please leave them in the comments and I will get back to you. Wish me luck 🙂





4 responses to “Review.. beginning.. Nutrisystem.

  1. momof1and10 says:

    I have wondered about how the food tastes. Good luck and maybe I will join you soon on this one!


  2. tracy miller says:

    I’m in your corner! I have no doubt that you will keep strong. 😀


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