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The Perfect Stocking Stuffer, Real Kids Shades!

on December 1, 2015


Tis the season where we are thinking about snowpants, mittens and scarfs but are thinking about sun glasses? I do, when driving but that is about the only time. Real Kids Fun Sun Essentials are being the high quality kids sunglasses. Not the cheap ones you find at the local dollar store.

Designed especially for kids to keep your child’s eyes safe. They are made with a shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. The glasses are made to be worn year-around and the frames fit well under ski helmets or bike helmets. The sunglasses are comfortable and durable so you can count on your children wearing them and not ruining them.

Real Kids Shades specialize in sunglasses from baby to young adult. So you can be sure to get a pair that fits your child perfectly. I ordered two pairs of glasses from Real Kids shades.

Pair Number one: 



Style: Bolt Polarized

Price: $29.95

Color: Blue / Light Blue 

Age Group: 4+

Company Description:  We made the Bolt as an alternative to banded sunglasses. These sunglasses have classic temples and fashion-forward, two-tone coloring. The frames are super flexible so they can survive all the twists and turns of kid life without breaking. P2 Lens technology, provides both polarized and polycarbonate lenses

CraftyMommy opinion:  Love them! I love that they are so bendable and flexible. You can and I have, bent the band in half and no break, no permanent bend. I also Love that they come in so many different color combinations. You can get them in the following combinations:

  • Black & Lime
  • Black & Red
  • Blue & Light Blue
  • Brown & Orange
  • Navy & Red
  • Royal & Green

Pair Number two: 



Style: Fly

Price: $24.95

Color: Gold 

Age Group: Young Adult

Company Description: This classic aviator style is always on trend. Cool looks mean your tween will be sure to wear these glasses every time they walk out the door, so you can feel confident that they are keeping their eyes protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Crafty Mommy Opinion: These are awesome. I know I would have Loved to have these as a teenager. Awesome aviator style sunglasses, comes in Gold with green lenses or Silver with Mirror Lenses.


Over all, Fantastic products for a fantastic reason!





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