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Review: Zazzle Christmas Cards

on November 23, 2015

2016 holiday card

I just ordered my 2015 Christmas Cards and gotta say Zazzle did not let me down! Again I received a wonderful, high quality product!

This year I was really wanting to go with picture cards for my Christmas cards. My family has had an eventful year and my little guy has grown up, we adopted a dog. I really wanted to share this without producing a long letter that chances are will get skimmed and thrown out.

Zazzle had several templates available to help me with this but I ended up choosing the one shown above.

Its a 5×7 card printed in full color on the front. I was able to put in 6 pictures and one holiday message for $2.01 per card, envelope included.

The process to create your card is super easy. Easy as drag and drop! All you do is upload your photos, pick your message and then choose your card options.

First you get to Choose the shape that you would like your card to be:


Chose normal, because it fit my card the best.

Then you choose the paper stock. It comes with the signature matte option but you have several to choose from if you would like to

paper type

Once you pick your paper type, you can choose accessories like special envelopes and stamps. made is super easy to make my Christmas cards, however… one thing that I noticed that I’m sure you may have noticed by now… is that I made my 2015 cards say 2016… and guess what? I’m totally going to send them out anyways 🙂

To make your own 2015 OR perhaps like me 2016 Christmas cards, Visit




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