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Review: Reusable Food Pouches

on October 19, 2015


I was sent 6, 6oz reusable food pouches to review. These pouches are made in the United states and are BPA, PCV, LEAD and Phthalate free. They have a duel-zipper system that will prevent any leak from occuring. The pouches are tough and will withstand the wrath of any toddler. I find that they are super easy to fill and clean. They have an extra wide zipper opening that makes it easy to pour the food in. They are dishwasher & freezer safe making storage and clean up super easy! Plus they have a writable surface on the back to date and track your pouches for freshness.

These are perfect for babyfood, smoothies, Apple sauce and any other purees that you can think of! Also these are a God send for any parent that is on the go, a quick easy treat to grab and hand to your little one.

These sell on Amazon for $13.99. I think these are a steal compared to what you are going to buy for the prefilled ones in the store, and much healthier. What a great way to know exactly what you are feeding your little one plus they are earth friendly!


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