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Finding the perfect family tree @ Minted

on September 16, 2015

MIN-01W-FCA-007_A_APZI recently stumbled across a really awesome website called Minted. Its packed full of beautiful artwork, everything from watercolor, typography to photography. It also has invites and save the date cards and all stationary you can think of  in between. However I found myself get lost in the family tree section. I started to day dream and think how cool it would be to have a family tree hanging in the dining room of my new house? I found a few and each are pretty unique. Granted I haven’t ran any of these by the hubby yet, figured I would share my random day dream thoughts with my readers.

So the first one I’m pretty much in love with is the one on the left that has the words family tree in the top left and the family name in the bottom right. You can customize the colors which is nice but I love how elegant and “antiqued” it looks. I think this would look beautiful in a barn wood frame hung in the dining room. Another reason I love this is no photographs, Although photographs would look beautiful… getting my family to sit for photos is somewhat like herding cats. MIN-XXQ-FCA-007_A_APZ

The second family tree that I am in love with is of a boat. My husband love the light house ocean theme and I promised that once we move we can have our bedroom have a seascape feel so this would look great above the headboard. I like that it is a bit different than the traditional family tree and whimsical. Also customization you can play with the colors a bit, although I like the blue one best (pictured to the right) Also does not have photographs but it is most like a bit of artwork so family history and painting its a like a double purpose!


The next family tree that I’m digging is just that a tree. So much more traditional when it comes to family trees and I think that is what is appealing to me. This would look great in a den.  The colors are not able to be customized on this family tree but that really isn’t to big of a deal to me. This would look beautiful is a white washed frame. (See what I mean with the day dreaming??)


The last family tree in question is the map family tree. I will be honest this matches absolutely nothing in my home but it is adorable. I grew up on the Cedar River and Matt’s family lives in Illinois now so I love the idea of the rivers bringing our family together on this family tree. I think it is really neat. The background color is able to be changed a little bit but again, I love it just like it is shown here on the right.

See my dilemma? Several amazing family trees to chose from. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a family tree in your home? Check out these and all the other awesome artwork at Minted

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