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Review: H.O.P.E box

on September 15, 2015



I was sent a H.O.P.E. box to review and I must say that it is an impressive pick me up when you are down and a fantastical reminder that you are loved.

The H.O.P.E box that I was sent was the Hope in a box for Dad and it is fantastic! it contained:

  • Cap: Brown Flex Fit
  • T Shirt
  • Hope coffee tumbler
  • Hope Key Chain

the box retails for $53.96 but it is currently on sale for $49.00 (Find it here). It is a fantastic deal. The items are wonderful quality and carry a beautiful sentiment on them, reminding you to hang on pray everyday.

unnamed (1)
My husband quickly took over the hat and the shirt loving them both. The T-shirt is super soft and the hat is worn and looks awesome! I quickly feel in love with the coffee mug and key chain. The mug is fantastic quality, doesn’t leak and there is no hoping that it will keep my coffee toasty, IT DOES! The key chain it just a fantastical reminder that everything will be okay.

Don’t think the Dad box is for you? No worries! There are several other boxes you can choose from. They have the following themes:

  • Hope in a box for a teen girl
  • Hope in a box for Dad
  • Hope in a box (perfect for anyone)
  • Hope in a box for a Student

They all have a fantastic mix of gifts that are sure to lighten someones day. I believe this would be perfect for the person who is just feeling down. The first thing that popped into my mind is the home sick college student.

To find out more visit Hope In A Box and check out all of their amazing products!


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