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Review: Natural Sports Odor Eliminator

on August 28, 2015

SportsWebsiteFrontI was sent a bottle of Natural Sports Odor Elimnator to review and as soon as it was arrived I was pretty excited.

I don’t know what my 3 year old does but this kid has the worst smelling shoes. Think someplace between a dead mouse and a hoarder house… its awful. Anywho as soon as this came I laid out his cute little stinky shoes and attacked them with this spray… and…


his little shoes no longer smelled like death but much more tolerable with a nice fresh lemony scent. So aside from it actually working why do I love this product. well.. its affordable. It sells for $6.95. Its also 100% natural, so its safe no need to worry about what chemicals I’m soaking his stink bombs in. Also Every product you purchase from Amare Terra provides one month of clean water for someone in need, how amazing is that?!  Got stinky toddler feet? Or stinky anything for that matter? Check this product out it rocks!


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