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Review: The Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Body Fat Test Caliper Combo Pack

on July 29, 2015

71h+gv0a+eL._SL1500_I was sent the  Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Body Fat Test Caliper Combo Pack to try out and review.

I have been working out with a personal trainer twice a week and have been busting my ass in becoming the best me that I can be *yes I’m aware that was super cheesy*

The package included a body tape to measure waist, thighs and arms and a body fat test caliper so you can confirm your weight progress and see where your muscles grow and where your fat goes away.

The Body tape measures up to 78 inches and has a push button locking retraction for easy measuring. It measures in both inches and centimeters and is made of ABS with a vinyl tape so that it will last a long time. The body fat test caliper employs a simple time tested mechanical means of testing body fat without the need of electrical and battery powered devices.  The Body Fat Test Caliper includes a body fat chart for men and women that categorizes and helps you understand your body fat levels.  

I love how easy they are to use! The body tape is my favorite as using my normal tape was frustrating as I could never get it in the same spot twice. This helps keeps everything accurate and helps motivate me as I see my progress. Since going to my trainer I have lost .50 inches on my waist and arms and 2 inches on my thighs!  You can purchase your own set here on amazon where they sell for $9.95


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