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Review: Ecobee Smart Si smart thermostat

on July 29, 2015


Once In a while I like to bring attention to products that we have paid for and that we use on a daily basis and have quickly fell in love with. The Ecobee thermostat has quickly become a member of our family.

we discovered this nifty little product when my husband was being a heat nazi and was getting sick of me jacking the heat up. Well he showed me and went out one day and purchased the Ecobee.

Matt was able to program it so we knew when we were home and would have the house nice and cozy for us, or have it saving money by not overheating the house when we were at work. Matt was also able to make it so that I couldn’t crank the heat to far up AKA to where he felt like I was being crazy. He also has control of it from work, and while we are on the road. It hooks up to both android and apple devices.

It also tells us when the furnace filter needs changed Some other amazing features including

  • Full Color NON-Touch Screen
  • 365 Day Scheduling
  • 7 Day Programmable
  • Link up to 10 thermostats to one user account
  • 2H/2C Conventional Heating & Cooling
  • 3H/2C Heat Pump Heating & Cooling
  • Wires – Min. 3 (Heat), Min. 4 (Cool), Min. 5 (Heat & Cool)
  • Set Temperature Range = 45-92 Degrees F
  • Auto-Changeover
  • Intelligent Setback Recovery
  • On-Screen Contractor Information
  • Encryption for Wi-Fi and Internet Communication
  • Compatible with Gas, Oil, Electric, Boiler, and Heat Pump, Geothermal

Also you are able to personalize it :

  • Live Weather Forecast function plans ahead for opportunities to save on energy
  • System Performance Reports
  • Program your Thermostat
  • Change User Profile and Preferences starry-night
  • Set Up Alerts and Service Reminders
  • Set Vacation and Travel Schedules

Plus you can also purchase skins for your ecobee to help personalize it further here. I mine has a starry night skin.

It was easy enough to install as my husband did it himself and it perfectly affordable as it sells for around $179.00


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