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Friday Favorites: Potty Training Conversations with my three year old!

on July 24, 2015


I have really tried to buckle down and do this whole potty training thing. My son just turned three and has shown no interest at all. So I decided to bust out “Potty Prizes” and stickers and the results have been great… except this morning when again he forgot to point it down… that resulted in a really wet floor… So this week I decided to share my potty stories of the week…


when my son noticed that I don’t pee standing up and he does: 

Morgan: “Mom… I peed standing up.”
Me: “Yeah you did good job buddy!”
Morgan: “Mom you cant pee standing up.”
Me: “Nope.”
Morgan: (Laughes) “That is silly!”
Me: “Yeah… I know right!”


Tuesday night Morgan learned why he points his wiener down when he pees. I kept telling him to point it down, he would purposely point it up to just be a brat.

I go into the kitchen to make dinner and I hear screaming and soon my toddler is standing next to me in the kitchen, pants off, wet shirt and a liquid dripping from his face.


Me: “Morgan what is that?”


This kid, is why you point your wiener down when you pee.


A cute moment was when he went and you could see the pride on his face: 

“mommy I did it I really did it!”

This time I’m going to the bathroom and he comes up in front of me starts clapping his hands and in what I can only describe as a mocking tone says, “Mommy you did it, good job you go potty like a big girl!” hahaha thanks kid!

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