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Review: FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Starter Kit

on July 22, 2015


I got the pleasure of getting the FXP starter kit sent to me! Talking about mixing exercise and old school fun! The FXP starter kit was specifically desgined for people who are just beginning their fitness journey or perhaps new to hula hooping for fitness.

The Starter kit comes with:

  • FXP Hula Hoop® with Easy Spin Technology in your choice of color: teal, pink, or purple
  • Carrying Bag
  • Non Slip Mat
  • Level 1 DVD
  • Workout Guide

So lets be honest here, your thinking Hula Hooping? Exercise? Pullllease! Seriously this is sure to kick your ass. I used to do it as a kid but apparently somewhere between childhood and now, this shit got tough and became a kick ass workout! The Hula hoop itself weighs 2lbs so you are sure to work a ton of muscles and in my case gain a few bruises around your mid section.

I had a weighted hula hoop before in the past but not only was it to heavy for me to keep up it also took up a ton of room because it was a huge pain in the ass to break down. This hula hoop breaks down and easily stores in its bag within seconds. Plus it gets so small, I can actually store this in my gym bag and keep it with me in case I ever decide to bust out my hula hoop at the gym, park or wherever else I get the urge to groove!

This starter kit runs $44.95 and is totally worth it. I’m going to start making this apart of my daily exercise… however not going to lie… I’m going to totally need to practice because right now all my exercise is coming from bending over and picking it back up!

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