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Review: Etekcity RoverBeats

on June 18, 2015


I was RoverBeats by Etekcity to review. These sleep bluetooth heaphones are pretty awesome! So before you stop reading because you think something this awesome must be super expensive you are wrong. These are affordably priced at  $37.99 and you can purchase them on Amazon.

So what makes these so amazing? Well for starters how easy they are to use! Aside from listening to your favorite music and movies you can also take calls and even reject them if you please 🙂


the controls located on the headset. The controls are

  • Volume down / Mute call
  • Volume Up / Reject Call
  • An LED  Indicator
  • Turn on / Pairing mode/ play / pause / turn off / answer call / end call button (lots of functions for that button)
  • Previous
  • Next

also has a built in mic and a micro usb slot for charging.  Each charge will last approximately ten hours. Hate when your head phones just randomly die? Yeah me too! The Roverbeats  shows the battery status on all IOS devises. However the Roverbeats are compatible with ALL Bluetooth devices.

Still not impressed?


  • They have a 33 feet wireless range
  • Take phone calls easily
  • Has noise reduction
  • 1 year warranty
  • Goes over the ears not in, so they wont randomly fall out.
  • Complete hands free functionality.


Wireless Range: 33ft
Playback Time: 10 hours
Standby Time: 400 hours
Sound: Stereo
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Dimensions: 6.88 x 6.06 x 2.46 inches


I love these for walks and jogs. My previous wireless headphones tended to call our of my ears. I love that these go over my hears and over my head no falling off when exercising. I have been using some really great apps calls The Walk and Zombie Run both excellent games to play and get your ass moving and the Roverbeats have an amazing sound quality that makes you feel like the zombies are on your heels!   Love them!!!!

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