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Strength Stack 52 Complete Pack Review

on May 8, 2015

bc22e3d0d30aff08334039afd9b8b846db47fa4cI was sent the Stack 52 weight Loss card and dice game to review through Tomoson. This is a really fun awesome weigh to mix fitness and fun. You can find them here on the Stack52 Site. This complete set sells for $48.97 right now its on sale, usually it sells for $89.95. Each card has a description of the exercise, a picture of the exercise and then a QR link that you scan scan with your phone to see a video of the exercise.

The Weight Loss Cards are awesome. Each card has a weight loss tip, and each tip that you do you get that many points for it. An example of one of these cards is Drink water before a meal, 1 pt.  You get facts on why this is important to do. Each stack of cards.

I think this is a really fun creative way to work out. I currently have them at work on my desk and when it gets slow I try and get my coworkers to join me in a quick game of who can do the most and the fastest of whatever card we flip. Its pretty fun. love it!


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