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2 NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands 6 Piece Set Review

on April 16, 2015

NeeBoo Fit Bands

I was sent this set of 6 resistance bands to review for my blog through Tomoson. Where most bands sell in sets of three, this set is a full set of 6! Ranging from 5lbs to 50lbs resistance!!  They sell for $16.97 on Amazon. In the box you will get:

– Light resistance loop band (Green) 12″x2″
– Medium resistance loop band (Blue) 12″x2″
– Heavy resistance loop band (Yellow) 12″x2″
– X-Heavy resistance loop band (Red) 12″x2″
– XX-Heavy resistance loop band (Black) 12″x2″
– XXX-Heavy resistance loop band (Orange) 12″x2″
– High Quality Pull-String Carry Bag

Why do I think these are better than dumbbells? Well… they save more space, much more affordable, more flexible to workout with… and lets face it you really cant lift a dumbbell with your foot 😉 I love that it comes in a little bag and that I can toss it into my purse and go to the beach or the park to workout if I’m feeling up to enjoying the beautiful weather. The bands are 12 inches long while competing brands are only 10. They are made of Eco-Friendly Latex and lets say you hate them, there is a full lifetime money back guarantee. If you don’t like em they will refund you no questions ask. You can work your hamstrings, thighs, hips, triceps and biceps. These are fantastic for physical therapy or rehab, Pilates and so much more! I’m pretty much in love!


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