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2 Verus Galaxy S6 Case Verge Satin Silver Review

on April 10, 2015

  • ad07ecc2cc2f06697bf34685c16a1d949fcef38ePrecisely Designed Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Domestic & International]
  • Tough yet Slim, Form Fitting Hard-shell Frame with Soft and Rugged Cover
  • Dual Layered for Maximum Drop and Scratch Protection w/ Air Spaced Corners
  • Slim line Design for Comfortable and Natural grip
  • Luxurious Two Tone Finish w/ Accented Vibrant Frame

Comes in Five bold colors!

  1. Dark Silver (Pictured Left)
  2. Military Green
  3. Red
  4. Silver
  5. Gold

1. The case is well made. I noticed no flaws and all the holes for the buttons, mic etc. are perfectly cut out and look nicely done.
2. I love how they did the gold and black for the case.
3. The inside to the case has a grip lining to help secure the phone.
4. It is fairly lightweight. Sort of a silicone case or rubber case, this is about as light of a case as they come.

1. The case only comes up to half way to the curve of the screen. It will not protect your screen.


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