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2 Verus Galaxy S6 Case 2Link Black Suit Review

on April 10, 2015


  • Precisely Designed Samsung Galaxy S6 Metal Case (Domestic & International)
  • Extremely Tough yet Slim Maximo Drop and Scratch Protection
  • Detailed Maze inner pattern for better shock absorption
  • Streamlined Design for Comfortable and Natural grip
  • Luxurious Anodized Metallic Colors with Diamond Cut Edges

Comes in 5 Fantastical colors

  1. link black suit (pictured left)
  2. goldilocks
  3. mint berry
  4. sky fall
  5. sugar pink

I love the soft yet awesome colors that this case comes in. Fits like a glove, and the cuts are aligned perfectly for the camera, sound and power button. Easy to put on your case and once you have it on you wont want to take it off. This case sells on Amazon for  $16.99


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