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Review: Pebble Smart Watch

on April 4, 2015

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Usually I do reviews for items that get sent to me for free by companies to try out, however when I contacted Pebble they didn’t want to work with me. Since this I was on the market for a smart watch for my husband for his birthday but didn’t want to drop a few hundred dollars for it, I decided this was the route to go and bought him one, then a couple weeks later I bought myself one.

The pebble sells for $99.00, you can purchase it on the Pebble website, Target, Bestbuy and I’m sure at a bunch of other locations but those are the places that I was looking at purchasing it at. I bought my husbands at Target and ordered mine from the pebble website.

With the Pebble you can see all your notifications at a glance at your wrist. I’m aIMG_20150404_201027423ble to see my emails, text messages and who is calling  in a second. It connects to my cellphone via Bluetooth. Features of the pebble are:

  • Battery Lasts up to 7 days – however depending on the watch face you have and the apps that you have on the watch the battery life may last much less. I had one on my watch that had the old fashioned felix the cat clock on it, where his eyes and tails moved each second. When I had that as my watch face my battery only last 3 days or so.
  • Water Resistant Up To 50 Meters-  My husband has gone swimming with his on and we both shower and bath with it on daily and have had no issues with the watch working at all. In fact there are even apps that you can download if you are a swimmer to help you keep track of your laps! However, be sure you take it off and dry the watch and skin really really well. I ended up with a pretty nasty ouch on my wrist from not doing this!
  • Fitness Tracking – This is the reason that I bought a pebble for myself. I have been trying so hard to get my ass back in shape and though this would be the perfect tool for it. There are apps to track your weight, to track your steps, track your laps, Miles, Etc. There are SO many apps to track whatever it is that you need to track!
  • Readable in the daylight and at night!- Easy to read in the day or a shake of the wrist at night to light it up.

You can see the photo of my watch up above on the right. You can purchase really awesome Pebble skins online. I bought a cool galaxy type one for my watch. Those run about $10 on amazon from several different companies that are not affiliated with pebble. You apply it just like a decal and it will peel off and not damage the watch at all.

I love all the different ways there are to customize your watch to show off your sense of style and taste. The different faces you can download is seriously countless. The one seen above on mine is called Time Sketch. It shows me what the weather is doing outside (Partly Cloudy) The date and the temperature it is outside. I have gone about five days with this face without having to charge my battery.

I think this would be awesome gift for your husband for fathers day, for yourself for any day. This is a great, cost friendly smart watch that I do like and recommend.


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