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Liquid Chalk Markers, 8 FUN Colors by Ander Blake Review

on March 27, 2015



Liquid Chalk Markers, 8 FUN Colors by Ander Blake Review

So if you ever visit Michaels or Joann or even Hobby Lobby you know that right now Chalk Boards, Chalk Markers are all the Rage!  I have had the pleasure of having Liquid Chalk Markers by Ander Blake to review through Tomoson. You can find them to purchase on Amazon where they sell for $14.95.

These liquid chalk markers are so bright and vibrant and they easily wipe off of all porous surfaces. This package includes, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, purple, orange and white. Great to use on:

  • Chalkboardsb6c3aded201ff298730f3b15c4f1034d
  • Glass
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Whiteboards

A great way to decorate temporarily for birthday parties, weddings or even holidays. Think of ladies night? What a wonderful way to put names on the wine glasses! Ladies… Chalk is no longer just for sidewalks! Think of how awesome it would be to add a personal touch to birthday parties Its time to get crafty!!!! I would suggest make the purchase… and get your tush on pintrest!! I’m pretty excited!




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