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1.25oz Travel Bottles Review

on March 9, 2015







Are you sick of TSA roughing up your suitcase when you are are traveling, or sick of trying to remember exactly how much liquids you are able to bring. I know I am. I just got back from FL and TSA was awesome enough to get into my $25 hair goo… open it up.. and not close it tightly. When I got home and opened my case it was all over. Pissed is an understatement. But I do understand that they were doing their job. It wasn’t in a TSA approved container (It was in the jar it comes in though) and they had to be safe. This could have in avoided if I had these before my trip. These are 4 high quality reusable tsa approved bottles. they are approved for your carry on and will not leak during your trip. Not only are they fantastic for your Shampoo, Lotion and hair goo, but they are also food safe so you could also use them for food if you wanted. They are FDA approved and 100% BPA Free! They are all different colors so you can have them color coated or if you have a memory like me they have an ID window.  The bottles have large openings so they are easy to refill and since they are silicone you and easily squeeze out all of the contents! They come in a clear plastic bag to store them in or carry them in making them already for TSA to get their snoop on. You can find these on the Dot & Dot they sell for $21.97.


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