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CookerMaid® Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts Review

on March 8, 2015

wpid-2015-03-07-23.05.38.jpg.jpegI was sent a pair of CookerMaid heat resistant silicone oven mitts to review through Tomoson. I seriously can not get over how much I love silicone in the kitchen. Baking Cups, Cooking Mitts, Silicone baking mats! Silicone makes life easier.

As I have reviewed a few different pairs of silicone baking mitts I have slowly been tossing away my regular oven mitts. Lets face it those are soooooo 6 months ago 😉   I love how flexible these are and how much of not only my hand they protect but also a part of my forearm so no more burning it on the oven etc. Also another reason to switch to silicone is they are water resistant. Have you ever sat a oven mitt or a potholder on the counter, it gets wet, you don’t realize it then reach into the oven to pull something out and burn the shit out of your hand.. I have! And it sucks. This is a problem you just don’t have to worry about with silicone. Plus if they do get dirty, toss these bad boys right into the dishwasher!

Awesome features:

Silicone gloves have a non-slip, 5 fingered design
– The gloves cover up to your wrist for maximum protection
– Extremely flexible, hygienic and heat resistant
– 100% Waterproof and easy to clean

Use them to:

  • Change lightbulbs
  • Cook bacon (because bacon grease splatters are the worse!)
  • Open Jars (The non slip pattren rocks!)
  • Bake (Duh)

These silicone gloves sell for $18.87 on Amazon. Perhaps with Father day coming up and grilling season right around the corner these days this would a product to add to your kitchen!


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