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Review: Sunsella Little Gems – Silicone Baking Cups – 12 Pack

on March 7, 2015


I was sent a 12 pack of these bright colorful silicone cupcake liners.  These cupcake liners are super awesome and I am completely in love. Some features of these silicone cups are:

– Evenly distributes heat for perfect moist baking
– Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe
– Reusuable and durable
– Space-saving stacking
– Fun and vibrant colors
– Easy to clean
– Resists stains and odors
– Many other uses beyond baking
– Meets FDA standards and BPA free
– High quality silicone with no nasty fillers

Aside from the typical cupcake and  muffin they can be used for other things too like:

Food dividers in kids lunches (bento boxes)
– Portion control
– Making frozen treats
– Making gelatine
– Fun and colorful desserts
– Teething infants
– Fill with treats at kids parties
– Art projects and creative displays

I used these silicone liners to make muffins and they work wonderful. My muffins did stick a little to the liner, however it easily comes off. I love that they are super easy to use, I love how bright and colorful these cupcake liners are. Its a super easy, super fun way to be green. Think of how many cupcake liners end up in the landfill each year… well.. this is a great way to stop being a part of the cupcake liner in the landfill epidemic. Alright.. Kind of a line of bs.. however I’m sure these are billions there, but these liners are fun fun, funky and awesome. You can find them on Amazon for $7.99 for 12.


One response to “Review: Sunsella Little Gems – Silicone Baking Cups – 12 Pack

  1. thebeautifiedblogger says:

    These things are phenomenal and so helpful!!!


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