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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (Target Mice and Insects) Review

on February 23, 2015



Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

I was sent the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller through Tomoson to review. You can find it here on Amazon where it sells for $35.00.

This little gadget will repel pests from the walls it uses electromagnetic technology to disturb pests hidden in walls and deter undesirable would-be invaders by slightly varying the electromagnetic frequency of the in-wall wiring without impacting other electronic equipment.

  • NON-TOXIC HOME PEST CONTROL – Helps you maintain a pest-free home without the use of poisons or chemicals should you wish to avoid them. Control rodent and insect invaders with ultrasonic sound frequencies (inaudible to the human ear) and electromagnetic fields instead of chemical sprays and poisons. Use to target your mouse problem or to deter bats, ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects.
  • CHOOSE THE FUNCTIONS YOU WANT – This pest repeller includes 4 switches that let you select which of the 4 functions you want to activate. For example: It’s easy to switch off the ultrasonic mode if you intend to place the repeller near sensitive pets like rabbits, hamsters or gerbils. Subtle LED lights indicate which features are active.
  • ELIMINATE ODORS & GERMS – Use the negative ion and O3 functions to help eliminate odors, airborne pollutants and to reduce virus and bacteria levels. Use in conjunction with other non-toxic methods such as essential oils to amplify the effect.
  • EASY TO USE & RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Just check the manual for recommendations, plug into a standard wall outlet and activate your desired function for indoor pest control. Ultrasonic for rodent defense and insect repelling, electromagnetic for in-wall pests and negative ion and/or O3 for airborne microbe control. If you don’t get the results you want we’ll fulfill our 60-day no-hassle refund guarantee

I love that this is designed to work against rodents and most crawling insects AKA SPIDERS!!!! I freaking hate them. I also love that this is not another mouse trap, or ant trap that my little two  year old or son can get into. I think this is a great alternative to mouse traps, sticky traps and other poisons that I dont need in my home!


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