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Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Glove Review

on February 22, 2015


I was sent a pair of Silicone oven Cooking gloves through Tomoson to review. If you are wanting a pair of these orange squishy gloves you can find them here on Amazon.  Where they sell for $23.99

These gloves are great for:

  • cooking
  • baking
  • grilling
  • woodstove
  • camping
  • fishing

Will protect your hands and help avoid accidents. They are Heat resistant for up to 425 Degrees. They have a non slip design. The silicone bends easily making it easy to get a safe grip no matter the temperature!  They come in a pair of two and are made of a premium food grade silicone, its bpa free and FDA approved, its a non-porous and stain proof silicone. These are way better than the old oven mitts you have used for years. This is going to make your tasks much more easier. No more getting splattered by bacon grease, the top of your hands burnt in the oven or even getting splattered by boiling water when you boil your noodles. Use them to protect your hands when you cut peppers from not only the pepper oil but  from slipping and cutting your fingers. Wonder how you clean them? Easy. Simply rinse them or place them in the dishwasher! I’m pretty much IN LOVE with these!!!!!


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