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Prenatal Vitamins One a Day with 100% RDA Folic Ac Review

on February 20, 2015

612hOWIDAWL._SL1201_I was sent a 90 tablet bottle of Prenatal multivitamins by Evergreen nature to review through Tomoson. You can find these prenatal s on Amazon where they sell for $24.77 a bottle.
I can not express how important prenatal vitamins are. Its often recommended to start before you are even pregnant that way you can start building up the vitamins your body needs to carry baby… However its even more important to take them while you have baby in the body. Curious on what is all in these multivitamins and what in the hell they do?

Vitamin B-6: For unborn baby’s growth and development.

Iron: prevents anemia

Calcium:  helps build strong bones, teeth and nails.

Zinc:  Supports Immune system and improves  bone density

Folic Acid: Reduces the risks of Spina Bifida

Vitamin C:  boosts immunity and aids in iron absorption.

Vitamin B-12: Develops babies brain and nervous system.

Vitamin D: Contributes to health and teeth.

Not only should you take them before and during baby but keep them up while you are breastfeeding. A good way to make sure that you AND baby both get what you need.




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