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Collage.Com, Collage Blanket Review & Giveaway

on February 14, 2015

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blanket2I had a fantastic chance to review a blanket from Collage.Com. I love when I get to review products like this because 1. I get to use my creativity, 2. I not only have a chance of reviewing the product but the process. Collage.Com is a great website that lets you take your own pictures and turn them into awesome high quality projects. You are able to create:

Blankets,  Calendars,  Scrapbooks, Wrapping paper, pillows, phone cases

And much much more!


When I was told that I could make my own 50 x 60 photo fleece velveteen blanket I was pretty excited. I made a photo blanket as a gift once for my mother for Christmas with Shutterfly so I knew the over all process but I was quickly surprised about how many more options I had with this blanket! So the blankets are sized and priced as follows:


So the first step in the process would be to pick your size and fabric. There is Fleece or Velveteen and they come in 50×60 or 60×80. Mine is the fleece in 50×60 and it is soooo soft. Instantly in love. Once you select your size you can begin your project. Then it starts to get really fun! You then can upload your photos. You can upload your photos directly from your computer or from facebook, the web photosearch, instagram or flickr. I took all of mine off of my facebook stage as I was curious on how this would affect the quality of my blanket. The process then is super easy. Its just a drag and drop and the photos go on the blanket. You can have one big photo or tons of photos spread out. Collage.Com automatically moves the photos around for you, or if you want one in a different spot you can manually chose to move them also. I have ALOT of pictures on my bwpid-20150211_224857.jpgblanket and never got a error that I had to many. It did however let me know when the resolution was to low. In this case I either deleted that picture all together or moved it to a different spot on the blanket that was requiring a smaller photo.Once I had all my photos on the blanket that I wanted I had the options of adding text, changing if I wanted it to be a portrait style or landscape style (This would make a difference if you were wanting it on like the back of the couch so all your pictures would be facing the correct direction.) and my favorite the background. I choose a galaxy type background because I love the bright funky colors. You can chose to have your photos go all the way to the edge of the blanked or to leave a boarder as I did.  At no point at all was I confused about what I was doing or concerned I was going to mess up. The process was super easy and super fun. There are SOOO many different combinations and things you can do with doing this blanket. So I order the blanket and expected to see it in like 4 weeks. (Not even being funny that is when I figured I would see it)  Less than a week later I have a package in the mail, no real surprise there as I have like 5 packages in the mail each day that I get home. However my mind was blown when I opened it. I was soooo surprised about how soft it was. The one that I ordered for my mother was not nearly as soft the quality of this fabric is much higher. Also the print quality is fantastic. The photos are not faded, spotty etc. Keep in mind I got all my photos off of my Facebook page. The pictures are all rich in color and bold. I also loved my background image of the galaxy. Its towpid-20150211_224530.jpgtally girly and mine! 🙂 So the Crafty Mommy Rating of this item? Freaking Amazing and Must have! In love. This would make a awesome gift for Anyone in your life! I can honestly say and mean that Collage.Com Totally kicked shutterflys ass with quality and ease  as well as options. All my future blanket gifts will be done through Collage.Com. I have always used the other for my scapbooks but if I get a change to  try other projects through Collage.Com I will be sure to let you know! Also Collage.Com has been kind enough to do a giveaway on a a blanket for one of my readers! Please give them some social media loving and sign up for my giveaway below!




2 responses to “Collage.Com, Collage Blanket Review & Giveaway

  1. loen210 says:

    Fun fun! Good job on your photo blanket, Heather! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Kristen says:

    This would make an amazing gift for a friend.


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