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Review: CanYouHandlebar Wisdom Beard Oil 1 OZ Mini Flask

on February 12, 2015


I was sent a 1 oz mini flask of Can You Handlebar beard oil through Tomoson to review. This manly little oil flask can be found here on Amazon, it sells for $24.99.  This beard oil contains Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba, Argan, Vitamin E and other essential oils. The beard oil is “wisdom” scented also known as a mix of fresh cut spruce and cedar. The flask is small and designed to be easily carried in your pocket so you can keep your man fluff sexy and not have to worry about broken glass in your pocket. A really awesome part of this beard oil is that Can You Handlebar makes sure that each batch is blended by hand and bottled by hand. I personally love the smell, and the person who has been my guinea pig seems to dig it and would recommend it.  I however, do not feel that this small bottle or oil is enough for me to move forward with growing a beard! Check it out ladies your men will love it!






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