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Review: Super Bright Longest Lasting Glow Stick Bracelets – 100 Premium Quality Glow Stick Bracelets

on February 11, 2015


I was sent a tube of 100 Premium Quality Glow Sticks through Tomoson to review. You can find them here on Amazon for $12.95

    • The best quality – Long lasting – Super Bright – Durable
    • Create super bright glowing bracelets, necklaces, glasses and more!
    • Includes 100 units – 8″ long premium quality glow bracelets
    • Fresh from the factory- Ultra bright and long lasting!
    • Non-toxic and CPSIA Compliant – Premium Quaility

So I will be honest with you.. it hard to write a review on a glowstick.. you snap them they glow and they are fun and pretty. However I can tell you that this is a deal than you would pick them up for at the dollar store so if you are able to plan ahead I would totally recommend going this route.

I always love to have a few glowsticks hanging around… and now I have 100 of them hanging around. I decided to share some of the things that you can do with glow sticks.

1. I personally love to have them when we go camping. My two year old son loves to run around. I put a couple bracelets on his ankles and one on each wrist that way he can still play at night and run around, and I can still see where he is at. This also works while trick or treating!

2. Scared of the dark. I remember when my niece first stayed the night she was in a new place and was a010e25a0211b4d84e7128134d8638e98 little scared of being alone in the guest room. I strung up a few glow sticks on the shade that way she had some fun funky little light to keep her company.

3. Make bath time fun and funky. Toss them in the tub, turn off the light and tell your little one its time for a bath. Its something totally different, inexpensive, safe and because it is different they will think it is totally awesome.

4c4b88f23d53fa691ed4259fb686cf4c4. Easter is coming. Often in Iowa it is super crappy at Easter time. Usually raining or perhaps there is still snow on the ground. Why not mix it up this year and have your Easter egg at night or in the dark or perhaps in your  basement (assuming its not creepy and spider filled) I would personally go with the Easter Bunny is radio active route with this one.. Or who says it has be for Easter? What about a dino egg hunt in the summer outside? love it!

5. And why you are having fun hiding the dinosa0797d05c12c4cdfbc743104dc368b7eour eggs for the kids, why not use some of the glow sticks to make your drinking an extra good time? Curl it up and stick it in the glass, ideally your smart enough not to eat the glow stick, this way you can find your drink on the picnic table, in the grass and know what color is yours.. did i mention is just fun?

6. And while we are outside having a good time why not a glow in the dark ring toss?

7. Or toss some in the cooler in with the ice.. I am betting that would be super awesome too!

562b580d924c6d895b4238364006b0daCan you tell I’m totally ready for summer? Drinking? Bonfires? Running in the grass playing with my kiddo? Its just around the corner and hope that some of these ideas will be fun for you and your family!





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