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Review: Etekcity ZAP 3LX 3 Pack Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch with 2 Remotes

on February 9, 2015


I got the pleasure of trying out the Remote Outlet Switch, ZAP 3LX.  I’m not even going to lie.. I have spent the last 20 minutes going to random spots in my house mushing the buttons and turning lights on and off and totally freaking my cat out 🙂

There are 3 Etekcity Zap Programmable outlets and 2 Etekcity Zap Remotes.  Each remote can program up to 5 different Etekcity outlets if you decide to purchase more in the future.

I put two of these in the playroom, we don’t have any light switches in the playroom as it was an add-on when we bought our home we currently have two lamps in the playroom and its like running across a mine field of legos to get to each lamp in the dark. If you have ever stepped on a lego you know that stepping on a mine may be better as your pain ends quickly where stepping on a lego will suck for a good 20 minutes. The first outlet I put under my desk, keep in mind that it is blocked by my desk as well as my chair, the other is under a side table beside the couch. I was a little skeptical if it would still work, however did it not only work, but it worked when I was in another room. The programing was a snap. Just a press of the button on the outlet until it flashes and then assign the number on the remote! This will not only way easy and efficient for me to use, but for my two year old to be more independent and turn the lights on by himself without trying to scale the couch, desk etc. Have a kiddo that is scared of the dark? This would be a great way for them to be in control of their lights from their bed!  You can purchase these at Walmart.Com they cost $26.99 and I say that they are worth every cent!



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