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Review & Giveaway: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Premium S Shaped Stainless Steel Hooks

on February 2, 2015


I was sent a ten pack of Pro Chef Premium S shaped Stainless Steel Hooks through Tomoson to review.

You can find these hooks on Amazon for $18.88. Each hook can hold up to 10lbs, they fit over any 1 inch rod.  The ends are flat and not points so you don’t have to worry about stabbing yourself when taking something off the hook or perhaps putting something on and it comes in two different finishes: Stainless steel shiny silver-tone finish.

The possibilities with these hooks are absulutly endless and they have the toug2870d498470c81dc5f70009339b5bc29hness of S hooks th15d6d69b42b083b89e8f9ed99f8261e6at you will find in the hardware store with the sleek sexy look of something that belongs in the kitchen.  When I found out I was approved for this item I instantly went to my Pintrest page as we are redoing out kitchen and I know that I had something like this in mind before and thought I would share some of the ideas that you could do with these hooks.

I love the idea of using them to hang your most used pans out in the open and making them apart of your decor or the same with your little utensils. It totally makes your kitchen look like you are a domestic goddess even if you set foot in it once a day 🙂 I really liked this idea with the little herb pots over the sink, so much wasted space and this is a fantastic way to make use of it and have some fresh herbs always on hand and add some life5c8a827fc21361b488f8408fff274383 to your kitchen. Granted none of these are my kitchen and I am totally in love with these kitchens once all is said and done and I’m completely done painting in my own kitchen this is what I intend on doing. Oooh how I ❤ pintrest!



One response to “Review & Giveaway: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Premium S Shaped Stainless Steel Hooks

  1. Erin Ellis says:

    I would love to win because I have been looking for a nice way to display my new pots. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


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