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Review: Organic Rosehip Oil – 100% Natural Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

on January 23, 2015


I was sent a bottle of 1.18 OZ bottle of Organic Rosehip Oil by Valentia through Tomoson. You can find this item here for $13.99.

  • REDUCES FINE LINES & WRINKLES – powerful Vitamin C and Lycopene antioxidants promote healthy cell development, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protecting the skin from free radicals which lead to premature aging.
  • REDUCES SCARS & BURNS – the presence of high levels of essential fatty acids, which cannot be naturally reproduced by our bodies, work to heal and speed up cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of scars and burns. Naturally occurring vitamin A in Rosehip Oil helps heal and improve scar tissue left behind by acne, dermatitis and psoriasis scarring.
  • REHYDRATES SKIN – essential fatty acids work to lock in moisture, hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supple. Get ready to improve your complexion and face the elements.
  • EVENS SKIN TONE – repair skin discoloration and damage caused by environmental stresses such as UV damage from overexposure to the sun. Hyper-pigmentation and age spots are dramatically reduced with continued use.
  • STRENGTHENS NAILS & HAIR – replenish dry, brittle and damaged hair with density, instant shine and smoothness. Nourish your nails and cuticles to prevent hangnails and breakage.

I’m a huge fan or essential oils so I did some research and found out the 9 awesome things to do with rosehip oil:

1. Reduce Signs of Aging

Trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin A present in rose hip seed oil can be used to reduce the depth of wrinkles, fade fine lines, and lighten age spots.  Unlike many other therapeutic oils used for this same purpose, rose hip seed oil is light-weight and non-greasy, making it ideal for those who want flawless skin without the appearance of an oily complexion. 

2. Prevent Stretch Marks

High concentrations of essential fatty acids present in rose hip seed oil work to improve skin’s strength and elasticity.  When used as part of a daily skin care regiment, this amazing oil can help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks due to pregnancy, weight gain, or pubescent growth spurts.  For those who want to reduce the severity of existing stretch marks, rose hip seed oil can help with that as well.

3. Smooth Scars

In a similar fashion to collagen treatments, the trans-retinoic acid in rose hip seed oil delivers a natural boost to the regenerative ability of your skin cells.  When applied twice daily to scars, rose hip seed oil can actually help your body to repair these unsightly marks.  For small or older scars, results may be noticeable within the first couple of weeks after treatment begins.  For newer or more prominent scarring, healing may take several months.

4. Treat Chronic Dryness

Rose hip seed oil is packed full of essential fatty acids that our skin needs to stay healthy and strong.  Because our bodies don’t produce EFAs for themselves, these fats must be consumed or absorbed through our skin.  Rose hip seed oil is fast-absorbing and leaves little or no residue, making it ideal for healing dry, itchy skin caused by poor diet, skin allergies, chemical exposure, or other damaging environmental factors.

5. Soothe Redness and Irritation

Naturally-occurring linoleic acid in rose hip seed oil has been found to possess anti-inflammatory properties which may help to heal and soothe damaged or dilated capillaries which cause redness in fair-skinned individuals.  For those suffering from rosacea and acne, careful application of rose hip seed oil has been used as an effective treatment in some cases.

Remember – always consult with a physician before altering any prescribed medical routine.

6. Eliminate Blemishes

In addition to all of its other health-promoting qualities, rose hip seed oil is moderately astringent.  When used as a moisturizing cleanser, rose hip seed oil will not only keep skin soft and supple, it can also be used to cleanse pores of dirt and dead skin cells.  Try applyingrose hip seed moisturizer with a microfiber cloth for even better results.

7. Grow Stronger Nails

Brittle finger and toe nails are not only unsightly, they are also more prone to fungal infection.  Topical creams formulated to treat such ailments and generally slow-working, expensive, and full of chemicals which are fairly repulsive to those committed to the all-natural lifestyle.  The same essential fatty acids in rose hip seed oil which improve skin tone and quality can also be used to moisturize and strengthen your nails, helping to prevent such unwanted infections while simultaneously improving their appearance.

8. Nourish Scalp and Hair

Because rose hip seed oil absorbs so quickly, it is perfect for hydrating dry, flaky scalp.  This light-weight oil also attracts and seals moisture into hair without the added weight and greasy appearance of many similar hair care products.  Anti-oxidants in rose hip seed oil may alsoprevent gray hair by eliminating hydrogen peroxide build-up in follicles.

9. Heal Environmental Damage

Studies have shown that therapeutic oils high in anti-oxidants help to reverse the effects of UV radiation and environmental toxins by preventing oxidation caused by free-radicals.  Nourishing your skin with rose hip seed oil just might build a barrier between your body and skin cancer.  Furthermore, the vitamins and anti-oxidants in this amazing oil can also reduce existing sun damage by boosting the regenerative properties of your skin cells.

With so many amazing health benefits, it’s no wonder that rose hip seed oil has become so popular in today’s natural beauty and wellness markets.  When used regularly, rose hip seed oil can play a major role in helping you to look and feel stronger, and defy the effects of time.


2 responses to “Review: Organic Rosehip Oil – 100% Natural Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

  1. Shay says:

    Thanks for the info. Have you used this product since receiving it ? If so I would like to know your thoughts on it ? Maybe even a final review of this product after a few months if possible.


    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I will be honest with you, I haven’t tried out this one as I currently have 20 or so different serums to try out and review and I can only imagine the hot mess that my face would be if I did try them all out lol
      However with that being said I am a really big fan of essential oils over all and with that said there are so many studies out there saying how great the different oils are including the rose hip oil. I did open it and I do like that it doesn’t have a bad smell 🙂 When I dont have a chance to try an oil or serum I try to do my best to come up with the best uses for it and find as much information as I can for the product. I hoped I helped a little 🙂 Thank you again. I appreciate all your support! If there are any other questions or anything else I can help you with, please let me know. – Heather @ The Crafty Mommy Blog


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