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BRI Spirulina Review

on January 21, 2015


I was sent a bottle of Spirulina by BRI Nutrition to review through Tomoson.

Spirulina is a natural green alage that is super high in protein and nutrients.

This one bottle of 120 capsules is a 30 day supply as they recommend that you take 4 of them each and every day. Spirulina health benefits include:

Modulates the Immune Response:

Spirulina has long been revered for its ability to strengthen the immune system. Because it actively promotes cell regeneration, it helps wounds heal quicker, and makes recovery from illnesses occur faster. Spirulina fortifies one’s immune system, leaving the person less likely to experience colds, flues, and other contractible illnesses.

  • Assists in Keeping Eyes Healthy

Spirulina is an excellent supplement for those looking to improve their eye health. This blue-green algae is very rich in vitamin A, and this vitamin is exceptionally important for healthy eyes. For this same reason, eating more carrots has long been recommended to those looking to improve their eye health, but spirulina actually has ten times the vitamin A concentration gram per gram of carrots.

  • Reduces Inflammation and Eases PMS Symptoms

Spirulina is one of the leading sources of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents in nature. GLA is also particularly beneficial to women, as it can ease the symptoms of PMS. Gram per gram, it also has 26-times the calcium of milk, making it an excellent nutritional supplement for pregnant women.

  • Helps Improve the Digestive System

Spirulina eases the passage of waste through the digestive system, thereby reducing stress on the entire system, It also promotes healthy bacteria and the digestive system, and helps to improve the absorption of dietary nutrients.

  • Helps the Body Detox Naturally

Spirulina has a very high concentration of chlorophyll, one of nature’s most powerful detoxifying agents. It has been shown to be effective at helping remove toxins from the blood, and it binds to heavy metals and radioactive isotopes, making it very beneficial for those undergoing radioactive therapy.

  • Improves Brain Function:

In a study published by the “Journal of Experimental Neurology,” spirulina was shown to reduce brain damage and aid in the recovery of neurons after a stroke in rats. A spirulina dose of 180 milligrams per kilogram of weight reduced neurologic deficits and histological changes in the rats tested. Similar studies on humans, however, are needed before the benefits of spirulina on brain function can be confirmed.

  • As An Allergy Treatment

Spirulina may be effective in treating allergies by stopping the release of histamines in the body that trigger common allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, hives and swelling. A six-month study involving 150 patients found that consuming 2 grams of spirulina per day decreased nasal discharge when compared to the placebo group, the Nutrition 411 website reported.

  • Prevents Liver Disorders

Preliminary studies have shown promise for the use of spirulina in those with chronic hepatitis to protect the liver against further damage and cirrhosis. Three patients taking 4.5 grams of spirulina per day for three months had improved liver function tests and lipid profiles. In another study, giving mice spirulina before a dose of acetaminophen helped to protect them from liver damage.


I love that it doesn’t label itself as a weight loss supplement. Its gluten free and perfect for vegetarians in helping with getting more protein in their diet. I haven’t experienced any funky after taste taking BRI Spirulina . It is a bit tough for me to take 4 a day but in the end when all is said and don’t I’m sure it will be worth it 🙂


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