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CLA Complex Review

on January 20, 2015


I was sent a bottle of CLA complex by PureNaturalFit through Tomoson to review. You can find CLA Complex here on Amazon. It currently costs $22.36.

CLA Complex contains CLA, also known as conjugated linoleum acid. it is a fatty acid that is naturally found in grass fed meats and poultry. The human body does not get produced in the human body so you can only get it from what you eat or a supplement.

Studies have shown that CLA can benefit your weight loss goals in different ways. such as

  • Can assist in both the reduction of overall body fat AND preserve muscle tissue.
  • May also also increase your body’s base metabolic rate and help suppress appetite.

This one bottle contains a three month supply and they are soft gels, so need to wait for your body to break it down to feel the affects of the appetite suppressant. they are 100% made in the United States and there are no stimulants that will upset your tummy or increase your heart rate. Looking for something new to try I would say do some research and see if the CLA complex is right for you and your weight loss journey!


One response to “CLA Complex Review

  1. Dustin says:

    I have a friend who competes in beauty pageants who whole heartedly endorses these. She said all the girls she knew who competed took them. I’ll have to finally check them out.


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