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Pet Handheld Massaging Mitt Product Review

on January 19, 2015

I wasdef141a2913f117a53844ad1b64e08a574e5e8be sent a pet massaging mitt by CLD Brands through Tomoson to tryout and review. This product sell on Amazon for $10.95.

I love when I get a chance to review items for pets because there is no sugar coating a item for a pet. They other love it or hate it and you will know in about 30 Seconds on how they feel about the item.

Here is the Amazon description for the Handheld Massaging MItt: Brushing the pet’s coat is one of the most important steps in grooming. CLD Brands TM Pet Grooming Glove provides a unique therapeutic grooming experience for your pet. The lightweight mitt wpid-20150118_194306.jpgcontours to the shape of your hand and your pet’s body for extra comfort and fit. The tender brush gently removes mats, tangles and loose hairs while exfoliating the skin and stimulating the scalp for a shinier, healthier coat.

This mitt is a one size fits all. It has flexible rubber tips that massages your fur baby, while getting rid of the extra hair at once. It has a Velcro strawpid-20150118_194404.jpgp to secure it onto your hand. Also when you purchase this item you get a bonus With your shipment confirmation email you will receive an eBook with tips for grooming your pet and a coupon code to buy a second or share with friends and family.


My cat Yeti only allowed me to brush him for a few minutes before it became a game of “I’m going to chomp into your F’ing hand” So I loved that the fabric on the mitt was nice and thick 🙂 Once we got done playing the I’m going to eat you game it did a great job of brushing off all of the excess fur that my cat is shedding on the rubber tips rather than on my coach. I think that this will work for anyone who has any fur-baby who needs some brushing, massaging on just some fantastical petting 🙂



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