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Danish Dough Whisk Review

on January 15, 2015


See this? Curious on what in the hell it is? Ha! Its awesome in stick form is what it is! So have you ever used a traditional whisk to make dough or a cupcake batter and end up with all of the dough or batter jammed inside of the whisk? Then you have to dirty something else to get the ingredients out of the whisk?

This item is called a Danish Dough Whisk, you can find it on Amazon for $8.95 which I will be totally honest with you… it is a hell of a deal. This thing has AMAZING quality to it. I’m really impressed. It has some weight, it has a really nice handy thick sturdy handle and the for fe702a77f0af741db78b3fe6479dbccecf276547lack of better terms wire that the whisk is made out of is awesome!

The whisk wire is made of stainless steel. Due to the lack of being closed up it is super easy to clean. So no more attempting to beat extra dough out using hot water at high pressure All you do is gotta wipe it down, or stick it in the dishwasher.

This is honestly a fantastic tool that you need in your kitchen! I’m completely in love! And Aside from dough, it will really work great for any hand mixing needs you have!

I would like to say thank you to Kitchen Simple for letting me review this amazing product!


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