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Organic Seeds Sprouter Review

on January 8, 2015

wpid-20150108_220747.jpg I was sent this beautiful little box of Natural Seed Sprout by VREMI ™ through Tomoson to review.  If you read my reviews often you don’t hear me often tell you how awesome something is packaged however this box is beautiful. You can really tell how much a company cares about their product when they pay attention to every detail down to the packaging. I love the colors, the artwork as well as the font. This really would make an amazing gift to receive in the mail. With that being said.. curious on what we are going to find inside?

wpid-20150108_222057.jpg Inside this adorable little package there are three small bags of seeds:

  • Mustard Seeds
  • Beet Seeds
  • Broccoli Seeds

These seeds are USDA certified organic Non-GMO seeds. Read through the lines boys and girls: HIGH QUALITY!

So are you wondering why? Why does a beautiful little box of sprout seeds sound amazing? Well remember that New Years resolution that you made a week or so ago? To Lose weight? Eat Healthy? Go organic or something else along those lines?

Well… spurts are an excellent source of highly absorbable vitamins including A,B,C,E and K. They have a proteins, fibers, calcium,potassium,magnesium, iron, zinc, anti-oxidants. Add these sprouts to your salad or sammy and you are sure to have a nutritional packed meal!

So are you asking how we go from seeds to sprouts? No need to plant a garden or do any plowing. All you needs is a small container with good drainage (A strainer, plate, plastic container, sieve, sprouter) sprinkle a thin layer of seeds onto it and wet the seeds throughly. Rinse the seeds with water three times daily and strain off any surplus water to keep them from getting moldy. After 2-3 days small sprouts will appear. Let them continue to grow keeping them moist. When the sprouts meet the desired size drain off the water and refrigerate them.

Each box contains 30 Grams of seeds.  I would totally suggest purchasing them for yourself or since they come in such a beautiful box.. you could totally give this as a gift!

You can purchase them from amazon here for $12.95


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